How To Clean A Fork And Spoon

No one wants a dirty spoon! Photo from MOMENTS AGO (www.momentsagoogurl. There are so many forks out there, you might say that they’re hard to remember where one starts and another ends. But you’re sure not worried about that any longer after reading this article. If you have a fork, you definitely need a fork […]

How To Discharge Dry Cleaning Outlets

You don’t get to have an Outlet in your yard like you thought you would! No, you simply charge to the other end. There’s a lot to learn about getting your laundry done right at home, too, but if you’re anything like I am, you’re really interested in finding a system that makes your life […]

How To Clean A Spinning Top Using Vinegar

If you have one of those spinning tops in your home, you’ll definitely want to know how to clean it properly. Spinning tops are typically used to spin clothes for a home and household cleaning service. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the type of clothing it spins, but sometimes these accessories can create an environmental […]

How To Remove Water From Your Car

It would be easier to save money if we were to remove the water-related parts that we can see in our car. You’ll need to fill your car with the car part-free water that you can’t see. The key is not putting the car into the water. The car must sit completely dry, with some […]

How To Clean A Razor With Hot Water

You’ll need this trick for the next time you get a new razor. You will have to use your hands a good bit more often once you get a new razor, especially if it’s a straight razor. And after every shave, your hands get messy. We learned a trick to get it cleaned up without […]

How To Clean Plastics Using Water

I learned from Dr. Wanda’s’ videos that I should spray a mild detergent on my glass when I’m finished cleaning it. It makes it much easier to remove the residue and dirt, and the smell is much less likely to drift on to other parts of the home. It doesn’t take much, and it is […]


How To Avoid The Pain Of The Surgical Procedure

When someone loses a member of their family in an accident, there is an immediate emotional bond that will be there. I often have clients who ask why they are so traumatized after a surgical procedure, and I think the answers could be more than one. One thing I have noticed is that people sometimes […]


Why Is It So Hard To Change Your Mind?

What we think changes our minds. There’s no one answer for why we think the way we do, but a big part of this answer is that we’re not always sure how we really think. We often tend to try to understand who or what we think we are by analyzing our experiences. But, instead […]


How Often Do You See The ‘fat’ In Fat People?

We are fat because of calories ingested in the form of food and exercise. Our metabolism is a complex chemical system that needs an energy source to work properly. It has two parts: a Krebs Cycle, which is a pathway of electrons which get pulled off of the fuel atoms in the food to make […]


Why I’m A Plant-based Nutritionalist

It’s hard to make a career living solely around the plant kingdom, but I like finding ways to incorporate it into one’s daily life. I’ve always felt like nutrition is one of life’s unspoken lessons. Our food has been around our entire evolution, and for many of us it’s as central as air or water. […]