How To Peel A Banana

It’s all about the technique. If you look at that image for one second, that’s what’s on your mind. According to a study published in Psychology Today, people tend to remember people who show them technique. It is believed that this is because remembering people who are able to show how they did what they […]

How To Fix Your Kitchen Faucet With Tung Oil

Tung oil is made of oil, tungsten, and aluminum and is used in a variety of industrial and cooking applications. As part of our “Best of the Web” series, Real Simple asked Real Simple readers for the best tips they’ve found in recent months. We turned in a special tip from David for making your […]

How To Reuse Laundry Detergent When You Need It Most

Using bleach isn’t always enough. You may not have time to do the hard labor of disinfecting a load of clothes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to manage your laundry day-to-day, you could use a little extra help. A few easy ideas for using up any remaining bleach. The Times of India’s Yashaswini Singh […]

How To Clean Dusting Masks Using Fabric Softener

A little quick-and-dirty home cleaning idea. A hard day at work? You may not have been able to finish all of your dusting tasks. But fear not, good citizen. Our expert here at Mom.Me explains how to clean your dusting mask using a fabric softener and fabric softener pad. A little extra liquid, a little […]

How To Clean A Plastic Bowl With Bleach

A few of us may remember what it was actually like to have a plastic bowl or drinking glass that had been properly cleaned with bleach. However, in modern times it’s harder and harder to find this kind of product. Here’s how you should ensure it’s as clean as it possibly can be. Don§™t be […]

How To Clean Drywall And Ceiling Tiles With Vinegar

In this case, the process is a bit more difficult, but the end result is worth it. There have been many people who have asked me how they can use vinegar as a cleaning agent. There are many ways, some more easy than others. Vinegar is a great way to clean drywall and ceiling tiles, […]

How To Use Food-Grade Paper To Get Beautiful Photo-Sizes

You might be surprised where this little experiment will lead. It’s true: you can use food-grade paper to create beautiful and eye-catching images. But that’s not where this little experiment will lead! This one-time experiment with food-grade paper shows you how to create some stunning images using a $1.69 roll of paper. In the end, […]


How To Find The Time To Read Books Or Watch Tv In Advance

Even if we like or value the books that we like, those books take space in our personal life and we have to think of ways to give ourselves a break or get off our butts while we’re there. If you are looking for that one night to read or watch some movies — it […]


What Does Healthier Me Mean?

I’m pretty sure that some people would say that everyone gets healthier with age. For others it means more years of life, a longer life. It could mean an easier life, a more happy life, a more fulfilled life, a happier life. Life is a series of battles over time. We can’t change the past […]


How To Stop Smoking Withdrawal Syndrome

Withdrawal symptoms can often be quite severe, and the only treatments available are prescription medications. The withdrawal syndrome, or SSDS, is a result of overuse of certain medications, but can be treated with medical marijuana. Although there’s a lot of stigma among smokers to discuss their use of medicinal marijuana, it is increasingly becoming accepted […]