How To Clean Car Washes Without Scrubbing

The simple act of cleaning with soap is a great way to avoid expensive dry cleaning bills. The best thing about cleaning your car is that you have the chance to reuse it, at least in the beginning. In many cases, though, the vehicle may need to be serviced. Cleaning the area between wheels and […]

How To Remove Old-Fashioned Paper Cutters

This classic trick can save a lot of paper while still giving you the feeling of a new one. We’re lucky to live in a time when many appliances are designed with both style and safety in mind. But unfortunately, old “toy” cutters are still used in an abundance, especially for cutting paper. And with […]

How To Clean A Car In The Spring

Spring cleaning can be a challenge for first timer. Luckily the spring cleaning season is well-known for its cleaning tips and tools. From tools like Cleaning & Tune-Ups and C&T and more to paints, there’s a cleaning tool, a paint product and a paint can in every neighborhood. Cleaning a car in the spring is […]

How To Use A Spaghetti Machine To Unclog A Spill

Spaghetti is often used in kitchens or bars for this purpose, but it turns out that when the spinner gets stuck, it can clog the drain. When your spaghetti machine gets stuck, there is a good chance it will clog the drain or overflow. But what if you could use the machine’s on/off button to […]

How To Make Your Own Baking Soda

To keep a piece of toast tasting just as it should. One day I was in my kitchen using the oven to make a cobbler. The time was very quiet–it was pretty late when I got home from work, and I was actually feeling pretty hungry. But I still had to finish the cobbler before […]

How To Make A Home-Made Tarp With A Sharp Pen

This method is a great way to keep your outdoor living space dry in rainy weather. Most tarp kits come in different sizes, but most tarp kits are made from cardboard. But the good news is, you can quickly make your own. All you need is a sharp-looking pencil, and you’ll be making a tarp […]

How To Clean Drywall With Liquid Soap

An easy, gentle technique that makes your wall look great on its own. We’ve always been in love with drywall. We are big fan to our old drywall, but it seems that in the past, we’ve been missing out on a super easy cleaning trick. It’s called Liquid Soap. It can do the job for […]


What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Go Out?

With many of the holiday events just around the corner, it’s a bit hard to plan in advance. With many of the holiday events just around the corner, you don’t have the opportunity to truly plan. You have to make your life happen, and you have to go for it. The best time to go […]


How To Be A Happy Person

How to be kind, generous, compassionate and loving to others is an attitude that is hard to explain. This video illustrates the concepts and strategies involved in developing this attitude. I have a friend who keeps a “how not to be a dick” book at home for when he is feeling like a dick. He […]


How To Achieve Self-esteem And Self-acceptance In A World That Sees Women So Differently

I’m just sharing some spiritual wisdom for women on this topic. I’m sure there are better videos out there on the topic, but this one gives a great grounding point to those feeling alone because of their female biology. What we need to think about is how we’re dealing with and coping with our own […]