How To Unclog Clogged Tubs

This simple trick will help stop waste in your plumbing system from being emptied out. If you’re an avid user of the toilet, you may already know the dreaded feeling of clogged plumbing. What would you do if your tub wasn’t working properly? It may have been a few days or a week since your […]

How To Clear Out Your Kitchen After An Impromptu Birthday Party

This is something that happens all the time with friends and family. One of the best ways to enjoy dinner is by enjoying a beer or glass of wine at the bar. After the party, we’re left to clean the kitchen, wash dishes, pick up the mail and make our way to the bedroom. Although […]

How To Remove Cracked Lips From Glass

It’s an everyday task. It’s pretty everyday if someone finds themselves in a situation where they have to take care of something that isn’t necessarily the easiest or safest. If you are finding yourself in a situation such as this, you will be thankful for having some handy tools on hand. Thankfully the Internet is […]

How To Build A Simple Laundry List For Your Whole Family

Everyone has different activities during the day. Your laundry list might be different as well. For some, the laundry list begins before they even wake up. Don’t let your laundry list become an unwieldy, impossible task. You don’t have to have a giant laundry list of every item in your house before you get out […]

How To Clean The Faucet With Vinegar

If you use your water more than once daily, you probably can’t resist throwing a couple of drops into the water at least once. Many people use a toothbrush and water to cleanse the rest of their mouth every morning (well, they’d have to, for sure.). If you find yourself having a tough time not […]

How To Clean A Car Paintbrush With Bleach

A video tutorial on what to do after use; includes bleach for cleaning brushes from dirt and oil. How To Clean A Car Paintbrush With Bleach A video on how to remove paintbrushes from the air…in just a matter of seconds. With this little tip you can remove paintbrushes from air pollution problems in cars […]

How To Avoid Losing A Lackey

If someone is staying over and you are home, you’re probably not going to be going anywhere. And sometimes, I get people who are so committed to staying that they will just let me know when I need to call them. When I’m in the mood to let someone know that I need to take […]

How To Prevent Bacteria From Being Found In Your Refrigerator

If you do not like the taste of your food, this cleaning tip may save you some cash. What is a bacteria? Well, bacteria are tiny living things that live mostly in water. They also can live on top of glass, on clothes, on surfaces that are contaminated with them, or even in the air. […]

How To Clean Pots Using Soda And Water

You’ve probably heard of household vinegar, right? If not, this is one of those home cleaning chores that comes up whenever you get tired of taking the trash out of the sink or your toaster oven. You’ve probably heard of the bleach in your refrigerator. If not, if your kitchen’s got anything left over from […]


Why We’re Still So Tired All The Time Even If We Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest, most insidious ways to kill an already-functioning, healthy human body. Sleep deprivation is a direct attack on the body’s ability to build healthy cell membranes, clear waste products, detoxify internally and fight disease. It’s a slow, insidious genocide that takes away the most important resource the human body […]