How To Clean Your Laundry Using A Tissue Washing Machine

No more dirty towels and sheets just to save money. Cleaning up after your dirty dishes is not a job that is made easy by a dish rack. If for some reason you’re concerned about your dirty laundry, you can use a laundry bag to wipe away your mess. To do this, hold the laundry […]

How To Prevent Mold From Emerging On Your Kitchen Floor

This is a fun project for people who aren’t quite sure what to do with all the dried food in their cabinets. Keep shelves of dried pasta, pasta sauce, dried beans, chicken, tuna fish, turkey, or any dry foods that your family may throw out. Just be sure to keep your pantry out of your […]

How To Use Plastic Bags To Clean Waterpipes

Here’s a simple way to help reduce your household’s water consumption. We are all familiar with the benefits of recycling (read about the 5 greatest benefits of recycling here ). The first step is to dispose of used containers — plastic bags can be recycled and reused. This is the case when they ’don’t decompose […]

How To Clean Pet Shampoo From A Tissue Wipe, Dryer, Carpet Or Fabric

Using a tissue is one option but also a quicker, and usually cheaper way to finish the job. You can clean your pet ’s fur with this method if your animal doesn’t have one of those special shampooing dispensers. Of course, you use this on the back so keep pet’s feet and claws off the […]

How To Remove All The Cracked Windows On Your House

What a pain it is to clean them all up. They are all so old, and so you can’t just throw them in the recycle bin. What is it with old windows? They are so hard and often cracked that they simply never need to be fixed. But how do you know if you have […]

How To Remove A Dead Skin Infection

A common problem with pets is that they get a rash when exposed to things they’ve’inhaled’. We’ve made up a remedy that makes it’happen a lot’ less. For my mom and friends, this was very embarrassing. I know they thought I was lying as I tried to explain it was a simple mistake and just […]

How To Clean Dry Wall With Your Nail Brush

No amount of time, or fancy equipment, is going to get your wall to look even remotely like it did a month ago. Your drywall is already dried out and cracked, so there’s little you can do (other than dry out and repair when you see fit). One inexpensive trick is to try using your […]


What We Miss When We Stop Drinking

After a while, we stop drinking. A lot. And it feels good for a while, but then something is missing, because we’ve already become so accustomed to not drinking that we’re no longer drinking. One reason I quit drinking is that a little bit of drinking would make me much more relaxed and less anxious. […]


How I Grew Up In A Military Family

When you’re raised among military families it’s common to get involved in some kind of military program. Whether it was boot camp, boot camp-like training, or even being drafted into the military you learn how to take care of yourself at the dinner table. When I’m at this dinner table my wife and children are […]


How To Have A Fun, Happily-ending Dinner Party

When we feel stressed, stressed, we tend to avoid the negative emotion of discontentment and we find it easier to dwell on other negative emotions and problems as well. But if we practice meditation, breathing techniques, and other techniques that release feelings of tension, disappointment and dissatisfaction, we will find the ability and desire to […]