How To Prevent Rust From Starting In Your Metal Work Tools

You know your drill bit from a drill. Now you know how to stop rust from forming in your metal tools. You know your drill bit from a drill. Now you know how to prevent rust from forming in your metal tools. This simple little trick will help you avoid the “rust hole” on the […]

How To Clean Your Laundry Machine When It’S Not Working

Sometimes the washing machine will just not work. If the machine has not been used for 3 months it may need to be repaired. The machine must be in working order to clean your laundry. If you don’t have a good machine to start with, consider buying one at a garage sale or online. If […]

How To Get Your Clothes Looking Great Again

Whether you think that you’ve lost a little bit of style or everything is just looking new, there is a natural way to get it back. No matter how stylish you may claim you are, we all know that there are a few pieces of clothing which are just as important to maintain as any […]

How To Clean An Old Tv Remote With Vinegar

This is a cheap way to remove some cord and get a fresh new connection. Vinegar is known for its antiseptic properties. When we are cleaning our TVs, we like to have a quick scrub for any dirt buildup. But the most effective way when cleaning a cord is with vinegar. It’s water-based. And if […]

How To Clean A Wrench With Just One Step-Using Your Tongue As A Brush

It’s important to remember that’my advice here will work for any type of tool. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean a woodworking tool, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got the best ways possible, and these tips will help you clean up the most likely place to get stained. In the video, this article is […]

How To Prevent Rust From Taking Over Your Home

There are a host of home renovation projects that help prevent iron corrosion from taking grip in your home. Rust isn’t really a permanent problem for a house, but it definitely can be. As soon as your first baby has an umbilical, you need to stop reading right here, unless it’s the first one or […]


Why You Should Use Your Brain Instead Of Your Body

There are a million physical activities to do, from jumping rope and golf to hiking and yoga, and each of them is fun for different reasons. But there are still two types I see often over-used in yoga that don’t really add much or even help: the body-focused and the mind-focused exercises. When you focus […]


How To Be Healthy In Any Situation

When I was a healthy and carefree high school student living in a bubble of my own making, I wasn’t so careful about where and how I put my health — and my body — in front of the people I care about. I will never forget my first trip to Italy. It was when […]


How I Lost Weight Over 11 Days

During my first time losing weight, a dietician and an exercise physiologist told me that my metabolism is “too slow” and that I must go out and run all the time. This kind of advice, not only has the potential to be dangerous, it also does nothing to change how we view our bodies as […]


What Happens When You Stop Worrying And Enjoy Your Life

You are a guest in someone else’s life and that person will have its own priorities for you. This should make you look at your life differently, because you’ll only see a few things out of the corner of your eye. Just take a moment to look up from that corner and see the sky. […]