How To Use Pesticide Safely

Some folks use pesticides as part of an outdoor garden (they can be applied indoors) but there is an alternative to pesticides: gardens. By using a chemical-free approach you are regaining control of the environment and yourself and helping protect the environment as well. Some folks use pesticides as part of an outdoor garden (they […]

How To Make A Perfect, Sturdy Backpack

You’re ready to tackle any situation, whether it’s a camping trip or a long day at work. But not all backpacks are created equal. The size of your backpack — the weight it can carry — can determine the durability. And while there’s no such thing as a bad backpack because you have nothing good […]

How To Clean Wipes That Don’T Come Clean

It’s the little things! When it comes to disposing of those “cleaned” laundry pads, you’ll want to keep your eye out for these little nuggets of dirt that can turn into big problems. Keep your eyes peeled and clean these wipe-like items out whenever the occasion demands. Each year, they are on the 31st of […]

How To Make Your Own Glue

If you’re familiar with our blog of the same name, you will be aware of our obsession with making our own glue. If you’re familiar with our blog of the same name, you will be aware of how much we feel like we are missing out by using store bought stuff to make sure our […]

How To Remove Old Paint From Carpets

Once you get used to the smell, it’ll become more’distant. If you want to remove old paint from carpets, you must first get used to the smell. So, start by spraying your car with non-abrasive antacid before wiping it down with a damp cloth. A gentle spray of a mixture of lemon juice and water […]

How To Remove Carpet Mold With An Enema

It comes out white as well. I was in the pool one day and saw this white film. I thought it was a mold and pulled my kids away from the pool, saying, “If you see anything like this at the pool you get to tell the lifeguard and never come back.” As if water […]

How To Fix An Unexplained Faucet Flushing Problem

When you are not sure about your faucets, try using the sponge. When you have a faucet that doesn’t flush, it may be due to clogged pipes. The problem usually affects the pressure in the pipe, and the pipe can easily be pulled out to reveal a water valve. It can be fixed by using […]


How To Overcome Your Fear Of Dying

Fear of dying can limit our potential as human beings. To overcome fear of dying, you must take a few steps that I haven’t mentioned, a few steps that I believe can make all the difference. This is a new series of articles that is meant to expand on many of the ideas that have […]


Why You Have To Be In The Present

One thing you can’t change as fast as the world is changing is what you put into your hands. To be able to do anything in this life, you have to be in the present. When not in the present, you’re not taking action. Your mind will wander, your energy goes out, and your inner […]


What I Have Learned From Doing Yoga For Over 10 Years

From the way my yoga teachers see it, I have a huge gift that everyone should try: the ability to hold your breath for five minutes. As a result, my body is lighter and I am more flexible. I feel more in tune with my body: the muscles don’t feel tight when I’m at work, […]