How To Make Your Garden Look Good

The key here is the trowel. You’ll need a few simple, organic tools to make your garden look its best. For starters, you should never use a metal trowel, because they can corrode, leaving your garden looking dirty. However, a wooden or plastic trowel can be reused several times and still look clean, so you’ll […]

How To Clean Your Home So Your Kids Don’T Have To

It’s the secret. You can’t know, it’s a secret. In the summertime it’s tough to find places to play or even go outside during the day. But if your house is cluttered it’s almost unthinkable to let your kids have a chance to play. Not to worry, we’ve got a wonderful trick that makes your […]

How To Clean An Air Conditioner Without Cuts

Clean with hot soapy water, then a lint-free cloth. Do you have a new AC? If not, you likely want to buy one soon to freshen-up your home. However, with a new, cluttered, dirty air conditioner, finding what you’re after can be difficult. To fix this, use some water and a non-abrasive cloth to dry […]

How To Avoid Cement Powder Burned Wood

The most common problem with wood-stoves. When you heat/cool the chimney, it acts like a fan to blow out the powder that’s trapped inside the wood. If you’ve lived in a wood stove for very long, then you probably know about the powder burnt wood problem. This is the result of the wood-chimney chimney venting […]

How To Make A Cleaning Solution From Your Own Home Washing Soda

The possibilities of your home are endless, and cleaning with your kitchen sink is just a part of it. Use your own household products to launder those dirty dishes. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to try a new cleaning product when my family needed to wash a dirty kitchen. At a friend’s […]

How To Make A Bong Out Of An Aluminum Cane

It’s a bong, and a pipe, and a whole lot more. A bong is an old term for the plant used for smoking marijuana. You can buy it in almost any convenience store and learn the basics in no time. The easiest way to make a bong is to go to a craft shop, and […]

How To Keep Your Coffee Grounds Separated

While all home coffee brewers are essentially the same, some are more simple than others. If you have coffee makers, your grinders are one of the main things that control the quality of your coffee. Keeping your grounds separate from your water is essential for a better cup of joe, and many brewers come equipped […]


How To Become An Expert In Anything You Want Without Training For It

The art of learning is as much a skill as anything else. As individuals we are often unable to practice the kind of learning we desire because we simply can’t be bothered to take the necessary time to develop the skill. In the United States, one of the fastest growing career options is simply the […]


What Is The Power In Seeing A Friend In Pain?

There is power in witnessing someone in pain and seeing the power in their self-respect. What if your neighbor were hurting and you told them you’d be on their side? Why wouldn’t you? Because in seeing that in action and believing it to be true, you have the capability to provide them with comfort and […]


How To Stop Living Your Life For ‘the One’

As Duffey noted, this “perfect marriage” can come without pain if you approach it in the right way. Asking “How did I get to this point?” is just the beginning. When we have a love affair that has been in place for a while, we assume there is some secret formula for success. But we […]