How To Unclog Your Drain

One quick squeeze cleans and drains any dirty spots in seconds. It’s so quick that you could skip the drain cleaner altogether. You can’t always see your drain pipe clog. Often, it’s hidden under dirt and grime. If you can’t find it, you could try the best-selling drain cleaner, but it’s not 100% effective with […]

How To Clean A Cauldron

Every time I hear about someone “trashcanning” their kitchen or living room, I find it amusing. When a cauldron is used and there’s a bunch of things that need to be rinsed out, they need to be taken out with care. That’s a lot easier to do without a large amount of water, but unfortunately […]

How To Prevent Your Dishwasher From Overflowing

This can happen when our dishwashers get too dirty and take longer to empty out. In order for your dryer to avoid clogging, we also need to clean the bottom. To clean your dishwasher, first remove all of the soap. Then wipe the soap-soaked bottom of the bottom drain using your finger and a damp, […]

How To Remove Mold From Your Bathtub

Mold is common in our baths and can cause your water to be unpleasantly funky. Remove it before the fun begins. We know you’ve been there before. You know the feeling. As your tub begins to feel stale and itchy, you begin to fret over the problem. The solution? With one quick swipe of your […]

How To Clean Drywall Using Your Trowel

There are numerous drywall drycleaning methods. This one involves a trowel. A trowel is a fantastic tool for cleaning drywall. Not only does it deliver the right amount of pressure to get drywall off easily, it also has a wide-angle cutting edge that also allows the trowel to cut cleanly against any smooth surface, from […]

How To Make A Perfect French Press

A french press is a marvelous and useful device. You have to be a pretty good brewer in order to make a perfect french press at home. The key is to brew your coffee for the proper amount of time, add the necessary ingredients and let the machine sit for 24-48 hours before using it […]


How To Stop Procrastinating

I feel so much better when I am working on something, like a school paper, homework or blog post, rather than having “no time” and having no energy to make progress. Just one quick push, and everything else falls into place. Just make it one big push, for real. This advice helps me avoid the […]


How To Be Happier

I’m not convinced happiness will make you happy, but I’m convinced having more fun can do it. The human heart is like a wellspring of happiness that is ready to flow. However, not all kinds of pleasure make us happy. If you’re searching for your place in the universe and you’re not exactly sure where […]


How To Make Better Choices In A Crisis

People in situations that require them to make difficult decisions spend more time second-guessing than ever before. As a father of three young boys, my wife and I have long had to answer the call of nature; especially in the last few years, the need to “get out of the house for a little while […]


What Is Your Body’s True Nature?

In ancient traditions, it has been determined that humans have six states or realms of being: the material world, the material realm of spirit, the physical world of the senses, the heavenly world of the emotions and the celestial world of the intellect.  These have led some psychologists to theorize that you can know your […]