How To Clean Out A Potted Plant Without A Hammer

If you have a garden, you know that removing plants from their pots and watering them is a tedious process… In order to make your watering process less labor-intensive, you must learn how to gently pry plants in pots apart with nothing more than a sharp knife. You may be surprised to learn just how […]

How To Protect Your Pet From Bedbugs

If you can make room for them, they don’t want any chance of invading your home. Get a plan in place before your pet goes to the vet or to the groomer for a little preventive maintenance. Bedbugs are a scourge. The only thing that may deter them is the very things you want them […]

How To Clean The Cables Of Your Tv Without Even Trying

There’s so much clutter in your home, and a single cable with no wires can quickly become a mess. Cable cleaners are often overlooked, especially when you’re using just a few cords. But in order to get rid of all the clutter, you have to get into the habit of thoroughly cleaning your own cables. […]

How To Reorganize Your Home: Quick Tips For Using A Storage Container

To help you declutter your home, I’ve learned how to use a little old fashioned storage container. You can use it for organizing things in a pinch, but what if you want something that will help you organize your things for the long run? Find out today. Let’s get started. Home can change drastically over […]

How To Cut A Shoe In Half

It’s easier to cut a shoe than to get a knife or a saw. With your home cut in half, you can see where to begin. Don’t be afraid of tearing the shoes apart! It will not only save time, but it will help prevent damage and make the process go faster. Cutting a shoe […]

How To Clean Pet Food From Your Kitchen Closet

You’ve got to keep some of this food that has gone bad away if you ever intend to let your pet eat it. And the next best thing to throwing it is leaving some of the pet food that has gone bad away for your cat on your kitchen floor if you have a cat. […]


How To Find Healthy Lifestyle Modifications That Work

To be healthy, we need to have healthy habits. The good news is, most of us are starting to take the first small steps to make healthier lifestyle modifications. When it comes to lifestyle modification — especially with chronic illnesses — there are some guidelines that we can go by from experience of those who […]


How To Stay Calm Even When Everything Is Flaring Up

It is so easy to get swept up in anger and chaos, and then go on a destructive path. You have to be able to take stock of your situation and then find the calm, measured way into a productive action. Take deep breaths, breathe deeply, and look at the positive. Anger is easily triggered. […]


How To Know You’ll Look Your Best In Any Weather

This is why we wear sunscreen, to protect against the sun’s harmful rays — and we’re taking that knowledge and showing you how to use it to look better. In order to truly understand the importance of sunscreen, it’s important to first understand the difference between ultraviolet and infrared radiation. UVA is the visible portion […]


How Your Body Is Tearing You Apart

Most of us think we know how to eat to make the best of our bodies (and our lives, actually), but we don’t know the tricks that really keep our bodies healthy. And, as a result, we keep thinking our bodies are on a break. It’s all true, of course. But, so-called ‘sneaky eating’ can […]