How To Clean Old Paint With Acetone

What a fantastic idea. The paint is peeling and chipping, and some of it has even fallen across the sofa cushion below. How easy is it to clean up paint damage like this? You don’t need anything too radical, actually. You don’t even need a paint stripper; simply add a little bit of acetone (from […]

How To Get A Shampoo That Looks Like Water

Many of us think that shampoo sticks are a necessity. Not always! Take your shampoo of, because not enough people know that when a shampoo stick is used it will produce a watery, murky liquid. If you’re looking to get into the world of grooming, you need some shampoo that looks like water. Luckily, the […]

How To Clean Painted Wood In Any Color

If you can’t remember what shade your piece of wood is, you can do one of two things – you could paint it pink, red, green or any other color that comes to your mind. If you’re painting a piece of wood you’ll be using in a project on the wall, you may want to […]

How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner

It’s an investment! And one that needs to be paid back someday with some savings on our laundry bills. The best way to get the dirt off a vacuum cleaner is to do away with it altogether by cleaning it in a special way. If you’re interested in cleaning your vacuum, we’ve got a tutorial […]

How To Use Vinegar To Soften Laundry Detergent

The most commonly purchased laundry detergent for home use is actually the least effective at softening laundry. To make things right, take a look at this list of five household maintenance tips you should always try before adding any new laundry detergent to your load. I know a lot of people are using cleaning products […]

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Spills

You know you are cleaning your sink when all you do is wash the sink. The sink was my childhood. My dad always thought he was the only person in the world whose sink needed washing. After his death… his only brother cleaned the sink from top to bottom and the only person who actually […]

How To Clean All Your Shoes On One Hand

There are many different ways to clean shoes, but all the ways I’ve seen were awful. I use one of these methods that is less expensive and is much better, and is much cheaper too, it just makes my life easier. There are many different ways to clean a pair of shoes. Some use mitts […]

How To Cut Grass With A Saw

Cutting the grass at your yard with a saw is the best way to ensure that it turns brown or yellow. If you’re not careful, the resulting grass can turn into a nasty brown stain or even smell like rotting flesh. Even if the grass does turn brown, you’ll usually find that it is still […]

How To Remove Dyes: This Man’S Fix

We all know that using dye can get expensive. But, if you don’t want to buy the bottle, you can buy an inexpensive spray-on solution. For years, this man has been a staple in the home DIY community. “My only regrets are what I have not accomplished,” he writes in his book, “How Much Money […]


How To Change Your Emotions

When a person feels bad and feels bad because they feel bad, it has a cascading effect. You can’t change people. That’s the whole point. But you can change your response when someone is feeling really bad. A person who is sad needs someone who will not only be there for them when they feel […]