How To Make A Laundromat Work Again

As we all know, laundry can be a nightmare sometimes… and some even consider it a chore. But this is actually a really simple method to make you feel like you’re washing clothes in a cozy garage instead of a dirty dryer. In this episode, we walk you through a simple, affordable project you can […]

How To Clean Glass With Spray Paint

This is a great idea for those times that you just need to kick it up a notch. If you’re one of those people who likes to throw away most of your old glass pieces, then this tip is just what you need. A great way to recycle your old glass is to spray the […]

How To Do A New Year’S Eve Cocktail Clean Up With Bleach

If you’ve never been to New Year’s Eve, you must be a strange person. I mean, no one knows what it is like and no one’s ever done it. It’s like a big party and your mom didn’t teach you how to do it. I can only imagine… If you can’t get up by New […]

How To Set Up A Countertop Microwave

Sometimes you want to whip up a quick dinner that requires a bit more prep than throwing whatever you’re eating in the microwave at once. Here’s a guide that may keep dishes at bay for a while. Here’s how to setup a microwave to preheated, ready to go. “The microwave has been around since the […]

How To Save Money And Get The Most Of Your Home Automation

Do you know what I don’t want in the future?! My entire life being controlled by technology. That’s what the robots promise and will always promise me. The most common type of automation is called the smart home. It is the technology of the kitchen and bedroom. And although you might think this means saving […]

How To Unstick An Old Apple Pies Into A Box

Use baking soda, water in a bowl and apple pie filling to get the job done. With the help of a few old books, this family learned the ins and outs of a box pie and how to unstick the entire thing for storage. There are a few types of boxes that fit inside an […]

How To Clean Carpet Saver Rope From Wet Carpet

Even small tears, splinters, etc. can mar your carpets with paint stains . Even small tears, splinters, etc. can mar your carpets with paint stains. It can also come to bite you financially in the long run. And cleaning a wet carpet with a rasp with a toothbrush attached may not cut as clean of […]

How To Stop Carpets Smear Awnings With Household Spray

Carpenters aren’t the only ones who can create a messy awning. Cleaning awnings is sometimes a messy job. I mean, you aren’t going to run into your favorite actor standing in your front yard spraying down the grass. One of the dirtiest jobs in the home is unclogging a sink or worse, the toilet. But […]


How To Start A New Morning Routine

The best thing you can do for your body is to start a new morning routine and stick with it. You will feel physically better and energized, with a fresh mind that doesn’t need to be distracted. So when you’re not feeling like working out today (or your body isn’t feeling up to it), let […]


How To Stop Looking For Something New To Love

When you fall in love with someone, that love is something new for you. But it has to come to you. That is when your love begins and is really what you’re chasing all the time. This is not the time to seek it out elsewhere. That is like seeking gold, or honey… or even, […]