How To Remove Worn Paint

We have found the best way to remove worn paint is by rubbing paint off onto a paper towel. Make sure to clean thoroughly and dry thoroughly. Cleaning is also good for cleaning up spills and other spills. It’s not something that most people think about doing, but the most important thing is if the […]

How To Kill Bugs By Using Alcohol

It is possible to simply wipe them away with a towel or cloth; but alcohol’s main advantages are that it’ll kill the bugs and it’ll kill the liquid from the food. When you kill bugs by applying alcohol to the bug trap, you are actually killing both the insect and the liquid. You’re not just […]

How To Remove Rust And Insects From A Kitchen Saw

We know you never use a saw or drill, but even so you don’t want to clean one. That’s when a little magic comes in handy. You’ve probably seen pictures of woodworkers in various states of repair. You know exactly how bad their hands get, how they are constantly cutting themselves, or just how dirty […]

How To Clean The Outside Of Any Laptop

If it were up to me, your computer should contain absolutely nothing on the outside. If it were up to me, your laptop should contain absolutely nothing on the outside. In some ways, the outside is no more important than the inside. No matter what’s inside, it should look clean, crisp, and clean. If you […]

How To Get Your Kids To Use Dryer Lint Bags

Kids are hard to control even when they are grown up. When they see your stash of laundry detergent and dryer lint bags they just have to have them…but sometimes it can just mean a bad trip to the laundry sink. To begin with, I have to admit that I am not quite sure who […]

How To Clean Your Toothbrush With Vinegar

It’s a simple yet ingenious idea. Simply soak the brush for at least 10 minutes in freshly dumped and sparkling white vinegar until the bristles are stripped of any sticky residue and clean. Here are some handy tips that anyone can learn how to use to keep their toothbrush from sticking and ruining your taste […]


How To Heal From Your Own Anger

Life is not pretty. Every one of us has to deal with bad events, difficult emotions and stressful situations. If we can heal and make sure those feelings don’t plague us in the future, we will be much improved. These are the seven ways of getting rid of anger and finding inner peace and clarity. […]


Why I’m Living With A Dog

I grew up with dogs, I love dogs, and I want to help people love dogs even more. I’ve never owned a house-trained poodle, although my sister tried to pass herself off as one. Despite some odd characteristics, dogs are like people: they want the best for themselves and all of us. They are just […]


How Many Calories Are In That Piece Of Cake?

At least 7.  I just had to add one more answer to this chart. I’m always skeptical about labels that try to “figure out” exactly what is going on in someone’s life.  I’m especially skeptical of labels saying that they are “trying to reduce, manage, or stop the stress that comes with dealing with a […]


What Are We Thinking When We Drink Too Much Alcohol At Night?

Most people are not aware that their mind is on other things during their sleep. As a result, when the sleep deprivation hits you — or you’re driving — all you think about is alcohol and the road ahead. These sober days are here to stay – but let’s make them as fun, enjoyable and […]