How Being Sick Helps You Heal More

It is my strong belief that health and healing come from each other. Many people in this world do not feel well; do not feel vibrant, have low energy, low vitality. And, many have health problems beyond their own comprehension that are the result of “bad luck.” These are your “bad days.” The best medicine is the healing power of positive thinking.

Being sick is the “bad day” that your body gives you. We must learn how to treat our physical and mental symptoms without having to accept them as excuses or “bad luck.” The key to healing is to understand that the mind and body are not separate. They work together in harmony to produce the health and vitality that enables us to live life to its fullest. Every symptom and challenge can be overcome by taking proactive action and putting in the effort to heal. We can turn an otherwise bad day into a new opportunity for change. The best way to heal is to heal.

Every person has to face his or her own unique challenges and struggles. As humans, we all have “bad days.” However, every individual is also allowed to make new opportunities to live a more authentic life. So, instead of “saying” bad things about ourselves, we can start to do something about it. Every individual needs to decide whether or not it is worth it to allow their body and mind to be “sick.” It is my experience that the majority of us, especially those who have struggled with eating disorders, tend to “let” our bodies and minds become “unhealthy.” However, we also need to remember that the healthiest bodies are the healthiest minds.

A few of my favourite affirmations to help “let” our bodies and minds go “bad”:

“I will do what is necessary to heal my body” ” I will never take food, drink, or anything else that causes harm into my body” ” I will do what is necessary to help my body become nourished and live a full life” “I will live in a way that nourishes my body” “I will not give into physical suffering caused by my body’s bad days” “I will do what is necessary to love my body” “I will be a teacher to my body” “I will use my mind and body to be as helpful as I can to my body” (For those who feel that they sometimes want to take matters into their own hands, they can do so without being “taken,” “frail,” or “taken advantage of.”)

If you are struggling with low self-esteem or a phobia, take time to understand that it is part of the natural course of nature that we must accept. And, you can do what is necessary to get healthy. It is important, though, that we focus instead on what is “next.” Once we do have a healthy mind and body, that is a far better place, both physically and psychologically, to find a “better you.”

I hope this post helps those of you who have had bad days, or are currently faced with them. Please, no matter how bad the day is, know that you do have the power to change. And, we can choose a better tomorrow.