How Can You Get Rid Of Food Addiction?

The food addiction cycle involves a series of cravings for things that aren´t enjoyable.

Sometimes the cravings start in the body, some of the time in the mind. When they aren’t dealt with, they can lead to full-blown compulsive behavior. They require consistent treatment but can be cured with a simple lifestyle change and lifestyle therapy. We recommend a six-month approach. Check out our complete treatment program .

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What kind of food are you addicted to?  You can find a list of popular items here.

The cravings will usually increase with time. You will need to find your own way through this, but it is quite common to have them increase and decrease. 

When they start, you can either try all of these solutions to find a healthy approach for you;

-Avoiding the object in question, but just keep trying to get it to stop.

-Using the food as an excuse to get out of your office.

-Using it as an excuse to skip work or school.

-Using it as a reason to quit your work.

-Using it to justify quitting your school or job. 

-Using it as motivation to do whatever you want.

This goes along with the habit of thinking, “If it´s not on the plate, it must not be good.” In the case of food, a few examples: “I can’t eat at work, because I think there are no meals that satisfy the cravings”. “I can’t eat at home, because my house smells bad and I just want to eat it.” “I hate that this piece of bread is hard as hell, I want to eat it so bad that it will make me fat.” The reason you feel the need to eat, is a result of this negative mindset.

When you have a good food, you need this thought to stop. Just like in the addiction cycle, the more you have of this “bad food” the more you need to keep searching for this thing that will stop it, and so on.

The good news is that in most cases of food addiction, you can overcome these negative thoughts by yourself. But in some cases, you will need intervention.

If you decide to see a dietitian to help you through your food addiction, you can go to this site. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Or, if you are in need of help at home, here is a list of helpful resources that you may be able to use to help you with your food addiction.

You have found a site that has information you are looking for but are not sure which topic to choose. In a nutshell, this site will help you navigate your way through all of the most common food questions you may have. For example, You don’t know about the differences between gluten-free and traditional flour, or you love to eat gluten-free bread, but can’t seem to stop. You don’t want to go to the hospital and have yourself tested for celiac disease . You just want to know what to do next!

This site will answer any of these common food questions you may have by answering all of the questions you might have at the same time in a way that is so simple, anyone can understand it.

You are sick enough of being sick. This site is going to educate you on all of the most common food related diseases (i.e. food addiction diseases). This is not about being overweight and trying to lose weight.