How Do I Build Love Into My Heart?

We often get too involved with what we are supposed to do, rather than what we are really supposed to be. There is so much that we don’t know about others, but there are few things that we can’t know about ourselves. We should take care of our self-soul, our true nature, our true essence, as a gift to the world beyond as we make room for everyone.

We all want the same things. The most natural, instinctual way to express ourselves is to create what others like. When we become aware of that, we can be true to who we are inside rather than what we think others might think of us.

Our society is all about making other people happy by offering them money to buy things they otherwise would not have; or by telling them stories or putting them in special events. The result of it is just to keep the people happy, even when it seems to have no positive impact or does something negative such as bring them unhappiness. As long as we buy into that, we are only building up what we already have – and the negative results are all around us.

So how do we take care of ourselves in a different way? The way to do it is to be with ourselves to learn the things not about others, but what we need to love in our own way. Sometimes it is by going beyond who we think other people would think we should be as we become more compassionate, caring, loving beings ourselves. We have to go beyond our idea of how others are supposed to be, and actually learn the things that they do that are different. And once we know these things for ourselves, we can build something beautiful in other people’s hearts.

As far as being aware of what is truly true and authentic – that which is not part of others – is concerned, the first thing to go is our ability to tell others what is not true. This is part of what it means to be a friend, an ally and a comrade towards others. If we are willing to let go of a person, to say so, to be the person we were created to be, then we are not yet conscious of what we really are as people. We cannot tell another about our innermost essence. We are just a shell of what we were created to be, and we should keep this in mind with everyone we meet.

This consciousness of true self is not an ability. It must be practiced. Just as we learn how to read or write, or speak, or use our sense organs, we can go beyond being what others wish we were. All we require is to be with ourselves daily. Do not assume that you ‘know’ if you don’t. You can only know if you are willing to experience what being with yourself means.

Once we become aware of the things we do not know about ourselves, we are then aware of the things we do. We just know that which is not yet conscious to the core. We can then choose or make the choices to change our way of dealing with the problems that we face. When we do that, we can feel the inner truth of who we really are. If we are able to feel, we can choose to change our way of living accordingly. We can build our relationship with ourselves and each other and the world around us. We can create our reality where everyone is happy and where people and nature are being respected as they were intended, and we see and experience all of that, together. What the world needs is more love. And love is the most powerful kind!

It is like finding the secret of what makes up the inner beauty of others and ourselves. This is part of the power of the love language, the language of expression the heart feels when it is truly with itself. It is our choice whether to take that into ourselves and express it or not.

There are many ways in which people make money, and many ways in which they do not. Some have a lot of jobs, some have very little jobs. Some people have a lot of cars, some of them no cars, some of them have an enormous car collection, others have no car collection at all. Sometimes we look so different from everyone else that we are not taken seriously.