How Do We Change Our Dna? Learn To Stop Eating Ourselves

We all do this naturally through time and practice.

When my partner and I began in lovemaking, we learned that when that first tiny bite of our sex (we are soooo sorry about not watching that whole section… I don’t have your patience…) that first little nugget of blood and heat (we are soooo sorry about not watching that part, too… I love it when you don’t know) enters on the outside and exits inside, we all have that little tiny bit of energy and it all just goes to waste on just the inside of the mouth. I know, it’s so gross. But that’s just the way it is and it’s only natural. That’s a wonderful thing to keep in mind while you are practicing your deep breathing. It’s one of the easiest things I know to teach you how to do. Because when you’re done, just go back inside, close your teeth, close your nostrils, and breathe in deeply. Then repeat. But this time, instead of counting out a number of breaths and opening and closing your mouth, think: breathe in deeply as you fill the inside of your mouth and feel your belly expand inward.

Once you realize that you have this special ability, you might want to do something more. For one thing, you don’t have to feel your belly expand, you can just have thoughts of it expanding. Then there are other ways to train your belly.

You can try just holding your breath.

Take another minute or two to just relax and breath through your nose, feel your body in tension and a little bit of warmth in your belly. Feel your belly expanding as your thoughts of your own physicality start to fade away. This is the best way I know to help with any kind of internal change, not only for breathing. I have found it more effective to just take a few moments to feel my belly open fully and feel the lightness and power of my own self and the strength that comes from a powerful breath, and to allow that to expand deeper than I have been able to. And that could all be so very, very easy to just take a few moments…

You could also consider this a way to start to practice meditation.

There is a huge difference between being aware of your breath and doing anything else with your attention. By breathing in deeply, you are doing something. I have found this much easier to teach others then trying to remember a mantra or counting, you know, it’s like a mantra that you just repeat over and over and over again. This does create that beautiful cycle with your breath that is important to remember. So you can always find that cycle in your mind’s eye if you’d like to, but for me… I can see my breath every time I breath and it is beautiful and lovely and it makes me want to breathe in even further… It’s just wonderful.

I’ll just give you a few more instructions. Here’s three very simple exercises you can perform to start this type of habit. These would be the same thing I have just done on my own. I have used these in my classes, and I have had students come up to me after and say things like… “I can’t believe it’s like that! I feel so comfortable, and I know I’m going to feel great!” The first exercise will involve learning to focus on your breath, and then to stop your breath and then focus on how your mind was going to bring about that change in you. I know that I had to focus on my breath for a couple of minutes so I thought I would ask how you can learn how to do that?

I know this is really hard, but it works.

One thing I have found is if you work really hard at it, it really starts to come apart. I found that when I was trying to bring it about, I was always thinking things I would not normally think, and the more I worked at this, the easier it became. It is very useful. And what I am just gonna say is… there are four ways you can change your mind. And these are: You can do something to yourself and then let it be done as it is. The other things in this section. If you just can’t stop trying hard… there is nothing else I can say. This kind of behavior will not last.