How Do We Deal With Depression?

We are taught that we should seek to avoid depression by going through life with high energy, taking risks, not looking at every situation with a critical eye and generally taking on more of everything. But if you think that makes you unhappy, you might have to reconsider that. You might find more peace and happiness in just taking life as it comes.

You will have a lot of people telling you that you’re a loser if you’re trying to avoid going through life with high energy. That makes you a loser. I want to point out that some people are better off than others in finding a balance with energy. You’ll be on your own out there.  If there’s one thing you can learn from any depressed person is that they are capable of a lot if they just keep at it. Just do something meaningful every day. Try to enjoy it. Don’t think about it too much. And you can do so much before you even think about feeling good about yourself that being “depressed” is a very small price to pay.

Another part of the problem with depression is that it’s like a prison for our brains.  Most people who have depression find that the first year or two of treatment is like getting out of jail.  They have the most intense emotional response, depression is as intense as they’ve ever felt, there are constant lows and highs, every moment they look at another person and they want to cry.  It’s as if it’s an entirely alien feeling.  And for some people it doesn’t get better .  This is why some people never recover from depression.  

I’ve written a lot about depression at this point, but the last time I talked about it, I mentioned that one of the most important things you can do is read stuff like this:  the “Five Things” of depression.  Because the things that the person wrote in the book are absolutely true for me.  Depression has changed who I am.  I don’t like to take things personally, I’m not a person who wants attention or thinks I need special treatment.  I don’t have a lot of money, so I really have to focus on my health and keeping myself healthy.  My work has meant the world to me, I love my job so much, and I have to be able to function in order to do it.  

So here’s my request for you now:  Go read the Five Things of Depression.  It won’t be easy to find, and my hope is that you find it and start doing some self-reflection and thinking about other ways that you can deal with depression.  Just read it.  Ask questions, think about how you feel after your shower, feel like you can’t focus or get things done.  Just read it.  It’s going to change everything in your life.  

But if you feel like you’ve already read them all, let me suggest you read some other things.

Here is the one I’ve been quoting, again:  “I am sorry because I don’t get mad.   I don’t want to be angry.  I don’t want to be depressed.   I don’t want to be anxious.   I don’t want to be sad and tearful.   I just want to be whole.”  -The Secret:   Depression by Robert K. Massie If depression is a prison for your brain, then you’re not going to find the happiness that you want in life if instead you use it like a prison.  If you use it as a prison, what happens is you use it like a prison.  You build walls around yourself.  In those walls, you put things up, so you can’t get through them.  This is a very common trap for any person in your circumstance. If you don’t want to get angry, you don’t.  If you don’t want to be sad, you don’t.  If you don’t want to be anxious, you don’t.  If you don’t want to be sad and tearful, you don’t.