How I Can Be Your Best Friend With A Healthy Heart: How To Work With A Specialist

My wife and I have tried different things in an effort to help her get a better heart, and this week’s guest, Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, offers unique advice about how to build rapport and trust with my special colleague. He’s the resident cardiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA and has a reputation for being tough on patients, who are often the targets.

He does offer a bit of advice about how to work with patients who are resistant to standard medical procedures: “The patient should be honest, yet patient — they should share the difficulties they are having with their illness, but also not hesitate to make things better. They should not be afraid to be direct, and to call a doctor at work when they don’t feel understood and need clarification.” (Click link for more info on that point in the interview) If you ever have questions about how to address them in a professional manner, Rosenblatt has a free 24-hour hotline, which he will call you at your convenience.

I would really like to encourage everyone to read the interview here if it’s your first time reading it (especially if you are a new viewer to the podcast). Dr. Rosenblatt shares some interesting insights into his personal story of dealing with severe obesity. He describes the challenges he had when first getting into the profession and how he overcame them. Then he goes into the details of his career, which includes working in cardiology at the same hospital for 15 years before moving on to a different hospital, then to private practice and finally to running the Cedars’ Medical Center hotline, in which he’s a resident physician specializing in obesity. There’s a very strong emphasis on patient care and being respectful of one’s own health and well-being, which I really applaud him for. I have also read his book about being diagnosed with obesity and has become a fan of his advice as a health educator. If you are having a problem with your weight, I feel this interview helps a great deal in both how to overcome physical and emotional struggles with this condition, as well as how to create a supportive, trusting and patient relationship. Click Dr. Rosenblatt’s blog if you’re interested in his thoughts on nutrition and weight gain, as well as his research of the relationship between diet, the microbiome and weight gain.

Also, if you have any questions you’d like to ask Dr. Rosenblatt, head on over to his blog at

I love this episode and look forward to exploring the world of healthcare and nutrition!

Dr Rosenblatt, how’s your new podcast going? I’m sure you have had more questions about the research than the podcast. I’m afraid I’m going to leave you at a bit of a cliffhanger and let you go back and listen to the past podcast on topics such as the microbiome, genetics and more! But hopefully Dr. Rosenblatt will answer all of your questions in his new podcast, which you can listen to for free.

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