How I Found A New Love In Life (and Found My Soul Mate)

When I first heard about the spiritual practices of Eckankar, it left me totally perplexed. After all, as a man who spent his whole life with the company of other men, and who spent a significant length of time in the company of women, he had never thought about spirituality. This was a man who was not spiritual. It took me a few months to realize that this was my dilemma. It wasn’t my soulmate, whose shadow I’d cast on me. It wasn’t a “spiritual awakening”. It was me. I had found my soul mate. I had found my wife.

It’s amazing how you can find yourself on a mission in life, where you are not the sole focus of any one thing. You could be the only person in the world to have seen a UFO, if you’re into that sort of thing. (I’m not into that sort of thing.) I was on a mission to start my own business. I was on a mission to build a business for people I loved. I was doing all of that. And yet after a year, I realized I had found happiness. I found my soul mate. It wasn’t in that “spiritual” or “emotional” place where it had been hidden for so long. I did not fall in love with an angel. I fell in love with my wife.

Which brings me to the story of how I found Eckankar. There was a man named Tom Wigley in Florida. When I was researching Eckankar, I had been talking with one of my best friends, who had heard my description a couple years earlier of a very spiritual guy. He said he and I had actually talked about Eckankar a number of times, and that my description was spot on. At least, it was at that time. When I met with Tom in his home, I said, “I’ve seen some stuff, and I’m curious if you’re into it.” I didn’t say “I’m into Eckankar,” or “I have seen things.” I just said to him, “I’m interested in knowing how this all works.” He thought for a minute, and he said, “Well, I think the next best thing you can do is to go up to your house in Florida, and just wander around the house and do some of your own thinking and meditation, and see what comes through.” That seemed like a good idea to me, but then it occurred to me that I knew nothing about Eckankar. I hadn’t heard of the concept, or seen any of the stories that were being passed around. My friend and I took a walk up, and when we got back into the car, I said, “Well, is that all right?” He asked me, “Why? Why do you want to go up on this little island in the middle of nowhere to have an experience like this?” I said, “Well, I think at that moment I came across a couple of things I didn’t agree with.” I said, “But that wasn’t it at all. At that very moment, I knew that this was going to be the first experience in which I could have absolute freedom, no chains, no limitations, and that I was going to go absolutely somewhere no normal person ever gets to. I didn’t want to go up there to see a couple of stories and then feel like I had to return to where I came out of.” I knew that it was going to be like no other thing he had ever done. Tom told me about having an experience of his own, that occurred about two years prior, where he had an intense experience. At that moment, he had seen a beautiful man. So, he told me about having the same sort of experience, but in such a more subtle way. So, when I was on that little island, Tom said, “Well, you can go up to here now, and just go ahead and do whatever you want to do, because I’ve already experienced that, and you’ll have the exact same experience, and it’ll be so much more profound and profound than anybody has ever heard about before.” I was so intrigued, so excited for him to share this with me. I felt like I had found my soul mate. I didn’t even realize at that point in time, how much of this I had known. Tom told me about being completely relaxed, and feeling free to do whatever I wanted to do.