How I Got Clear On My Life Purpose When I Was In The Hospital

When you’ve been sober for months on end, it’s easy to forget how to relate to others. The sober person has a clear sense of self and a clear grasp of their purpose. The problem is, what is your purpose? You, me and everyone else are just things. You have no idea what you’re really here for and you’re not sure that the world cares.

We all seem to have an idea of what our life goal is: to graduate college, to find a great job, to enjoy a family, and to be in a happier relationship than we are now. There is a great likelihood that your goal is also just you talking yourself into things. It doesn’t matter what your life goal is, what matters more is that you have a clear sense of it and that it’s something that makes you happy.

There are many reasons why a person enters the drunk tank. Whether it’s a result of a DUI, getting into a fight at work, or trying to impress a girl, you have probably experienced one of these situations at some point in your life. Most of us who live sober just assume that we’ll never find ourselves in that position (or at least I have). As a result, we become extremely focused on our own goals and our own personal journey, much less the larger societal or societal issues that prevent us from achieving our desired goals.

When someone enters the hospital drunk because of a DUI, we all lose. We have zero chance of having a normal social life. We have zero chance of having a normal family life. The only people who will talk to us are our friends and the doctors. The whole family will ignore us and even the police won’t care to check on us. Most of us will feel ashamed for going to the hospital, and a high percentage will never return to sober living. Most of us will be lost if we ever get sober and will probably end up back in the hospital, not only emotionally, but physically as well.

If you have a job and you are just starting your job, I’d do everything in my power to have a beer with you when you show up. You never know what you can learn about your life goals if you have been sober a short time. Even just getting a conversation started can do wonders for your outlook on life. Be honest with your coworkers and coworkers’ spouses about your life goal. Don’t try to justify it. Don’t tell them that when you graduate college and find a job you’ll have a million dollars, or that a girlfriend you adore will break your heart. You don’t need to do anything for them to know that you want it and are willing to sacrifice certain things for it. Do not tell your significant other that the only reason you’ve been sober for a year is because the girl you love left you. You will find a way to explain it, but it will probably not be the best one. The reason you’re sober now is not a reason for you to be ashamed.

You have the best shot at not ending up in the hospital by getting to know your personal goals. By meeting with your friends regularly, by checking with your coworkers on a regular basis, and by talking to the people in your social circle, you will come to know your own goals. You will also come to learn what is important to you, like family and friends. The sooner you come to understand yourself, the better. You have to find out why you have the skills and the talents you possess. You have to find out who you are and why you were put here, and what you want to do with your life.

If you have trouble finding the time to meet and talk with people, you might look into creating an email, Twitter or other social media group. I’d suggest creating a Google groups where people in the same mindset as you could come together and have a positive, non-judgmental place within which to share your thoughts. It can also help to create a blog on the same theme for people to come find.