How I Helped My Dad Lose 40 Pounds In Just 20 Months

I am so grateful to my dad for being who he is and living the life that he does. He is the strongest, most loving, and kind person you will ever meet and he deserves all the happiness, love, attention, and love he gets.

When I was 12 years old, the best thing my dad did was to start a journal. It was the first time in my life that I felt like I would feel happy and safe. So much like how I feel now knowing that I’m surrounded by supportive family and friends around me and in the right place to do what I want to do now. I have a huge appreciation and respect for my dad’s decisions. He is who he is — it’s his mind and heart and spirit that shines out from him and that is why he is my hero. So I know that he cares about me and I know he loves me and it has only been a few years since I have been in contact with him, but we have always communicated and it is clear that he is happy with everything that he does. I want to live my life as the way that I want to live it now: free from worries, fear, in love and in peace. Thank you for everything you’re doing for me and making my world a better place.


You were always such a positive, funny person. Thank you so much for sharing your heart so openly and not putting pressure on your children to look a certain way as a way to make them feel inferior. It is your decision.

I have a few family members that would always tease me for my weight. Their thinking was that I was so fickle and that I must feel as a result of my father’s weight loss. I can say that I would never do anything to take pride away from my father’s accomplishments, but the sad reality is that we do have a problem with being judged for being fat. 

This year I lost 70 grams, so I feel like I was finally making progress. But that doesn’t mean that I can take it off the table as an option. I will say that the best part of all of this is watching my dad make even less weight. I have always admired his work ethic and that makes this process even more special.

I love my dad for doing what he loves. I know he wouldn’t do this with any other person besides his daughter and that is the reason that I love him and admire him all of the time. It has never been a choice for me to be a fat person. And thank you again, AJ, for the time we have had together.

You will always be my hero, thank you for being such a great and incredible dad!

I’m so sad that my son, my husband, and our first born baby is not here. And even more sad that my family is all so busy right now. But when people ask me how my husband and I are doing, I don’t lie. I said I was doing OK. My husband and I have been going through some difficulties during this trying time. 

For example, my husband was in a car accident that left him in a wheelchair and on a ventilator for two months. A week before the accident, I did the best that I could to help my then 14 year old daughter raise money for him . Her best friend said that she should take the whole thing back , because he was in a wheelchair and she couldn’t afford to hire a babysitter. That girl has never changed her mind. My husband and I raised our money. He still has not recovered to his full ability. He is still a very sick man and has been for several months.

We have been struggling to get by and it gets harder every day. But I wouldn’t be making any progress without all of you sending support, prayers, hugs and money to help us through the tough times. If I had my choice, you know I would keep my word to you, which is to never give up on the people I love, no matter what. God bless you all… you are amazing.

  I can’t say enough about how much appreciation I have for you, this amazing, selfless, and brave family that you are. I truly appreciate so much. I thank God for giving me this beautiful family that I have been blessed with. I love you all so much, God bless you all.