How I Learned To Love Myself

Once or twice a week, I’d visit the spa and cleanse and rejuvenate and relax and do whatever felt right in order to feel truly and completely myself – in the moment; it doesn’t get much easier or more natural or more refreshing. I used my body as a way to experience a better and healthier world and I didn’t have to sacrifice who I was to do it.

The reason why I know I love my self is because it is true about me. I have no intention of changing who I am in order to be the most attractive person or the happiest person. If I am living the life I choose to live, it’s because it’s the life that I choose to live. Even though I am attractive, even though I love my self, you and I, all of us, are living the lives we choose to live. But in this case I’m not living the life of self, I’m living the life of someone more beautiful, more alive, more vibrant, more alive.

The person who lives self is the person who chooses to live his or her life. It is not necessarily a person who is looking to change who they are. You aren’t looking to change yourself. The person who lives self is the person who chooses to be, no matter what the consequences or who would prefer me to be. Who am I to dictate how someone can live, how she or he can love and how she or he can be?

There are a lot of ways to live your life that don’t have you as a focal point. We all do them, but the people who live self have learned how to live without needing to be seen and seen only. Without needing to be a spokesperson for an idea. Without needing to be an ideal or a representation.

We all know what beauty looks like and we all know what we want to be, but the people who live self get to experience all of these things and a lot more while choosing what they want to do with their lives.

What is beautiful is beautiful because we know what beauty looks like and what we want to be, but most of the time we just don’t have the tools or knowledge to see and decide for ourselves.

Being self means knowing yourself and letting the rest of the world see you for who you really are. It means letting your truth be seen and knowing that you can’t control the people who see you from behind the scenes, but you can choose who you want to be. If everyone knew themselves, everyone would see themselves the way they want to see themselves without being forced through their own filters.

There are lots of options when it comes to living a more self-driven life. Choosing the path you like to take is your choice in the end; you’re free to go any which way you choose. Living a life that is beautiful and purposeful is yours alone.

It takes the work to live a more self-driven life, but you are not going to accomplish this by pretending you’re someone else. You’re not going to accomplish this by living a life inauthentic or being disingenuous and deceptive about your life. You’re not going to accomplish this by using your body as your tools to show others who you really are.

This is about a person who lives self, who decides to have the life she desires, who chose to love herself for who she really is. She makes the choices when it’s convenient for her and takes responsibility for her choices.

You have to create the space for this to happen. You have to believe in yourself, take the time to live and see this is the life you want and you choose to live.