How I Learned To Love The Way My Voice Sounds

As my voice has progressed and deepened, I’ve learned to love or at least tolerate my new vocal pattern. I like the way it sounds, it is pleasant, and it has so much range.

I am a professional voiceover artist with five years of experience, but until recently I had never recorded anything for commercial purposes. In 2001, I had a voice day with two voice coaches, and in that session, I experienced a great shift in the way I felt about my voice over the next year. I also had several meetings with the voice over industry and a lot of research into this particular area.

There are a lot of voices around me that people see, read or hear on radio or television — voice over talent, voice over instructors, voice over actresses, and so forth.

Most artists, on their first recordings, use their regular voice for commercial purposes. I didn’t really go back to my natural pitch for anything until I had been working for so many years. I began working on an audio project with my friends and the VoiceOver Company, and after two weeks of getting used to the higher-pitched voice, I decided that I wanted to do voice over for commercial purposes.

I started out doing voice overs for a variety of clients — local radio, local tv station, and a number of commercial projects. In 2006, on my first commercial project with a recording company, I went all-out and recorded a professional full-length commercial that reached the national billboard advertising market. You can listen to the final version of that commercial HERE , or watch it in all its beauty here. It has an amazing sound and a very dramatic voice, and I still love the voice overs I did with the VoiceOver companies.

The rest of 2006 was a time of learning. I got an internship at a local radio station. This new studio was actually a little larger than the studio I had been working at for a few years, so it was easier to get more work from them. There were also some great opportunities in my school district for me to become a voice teacher. I was an active musician also in school and band competitions as well. I also had the opportunity to become a writer for a local newspaper.

In 2009, I graduated from high school in the middle of the year and moved to Chicago on a full-time basis for college. It was such a wonderful time for me! With so many exciting new jobs going on around me, I had a lot of time to experiment with my voice.

Then, in 2010, I made the decision to stop my college studies and go into voice over full time.

I was getting some offers of voice overs from various production companies. In the summer of 2010 I decided to take one of those offers and pursue a full-time voice over career.

What Was I Thinking?

You know your voice is in good shape if a friend or family member says to you, “oh my god, you sound so much prettier with less volume.”

I’ve always been rather proud of the way my voice sounds — and I knew that when I started doing commercial voice overs, my voice would improve because I wasn’t going to go back to my natural pitch and my voice would get softer and more pleasant, I was going to work with the best vocal coaches in the country to make sure I worked on the right vocal habits .  

So I decided to stop my college studies and put my efforts into voice overs full time. I went on to write a good amount of original material and created some short audio demos of my voice over talent on my own to demo them to other voice over talent in the business. This was in addition to my regular weekly voice overs with the voiceover companies.

The results spoke for themselves.