How I Learned To Stop Hating My Body

There’s so much negativity swirling around the body-positive community. It’s an echo chamber where you see the negativity and the positive only reinforce and reinforce. It’s an echo chamber where you don’t even notice the negative, because it’s not there. Instead, you go searching for the positive to drown out everything else.

This video is part of my Body Peace series . The other videos are: How to Use Your Body (The Art of Well Being), Using Your Body For Joy, and Living With Your Body. I chose this video because for the first 15 minutes of this video I am sitting in a kitchen with a cup of almond milk. I take a sip and then I notice my body and breath and the physical sensations in my body. I realize that I had been sitting, staring at a blank wall for the past 15 minutes and my body is really saying something to me. It’s like my body is saying “You don’t know me yet. I haven’t had a chance to open my eyes yet and see the world through your eyes. Now’s the time. I’m ready to open my eyes, the world is ready for me. I’m ready to experience the world and you are ready for me.

This video is very relevant to those of you who don’t think they have the strength of will to go ahead and “change.”

“Change your attitude, change your life, change your relationship with yourself. In a world where you’re expected to be perfect, and to be ‘less of a person’ if you can’t do everything right, I believe it’s important to find balance within yourself–you know, your weaknesses, both outward and inward. I believe that’s the way to go. When you find something in your life to be great about–not because you’re perfect, but because you’re a good person with strengths–I believe that that’s the change you need to make in your life.” ~Tony Robbins 

“I am no better than I was yesterday, I am no worse than I was yesterday. I am not worse than I will be tomorrow. I am the same person I always was.” -Anonymous

I’m still learning. I was able to learn that this is wrong, that I shouldn’t hate my body. It’s a part of me. It’s not bad. It’s not “a piece of shit” I have to “deal with.” This experience will give me perspective. I will learn from the mistakes I have made when I’m more mature. I will learn how to accept things I have had in the past and continue to use them as tools in my growth. It will give me strength to go on. Today, I am a better person. I have a lot more to learn. But I’m a better person. I’m a better woman. I’m a better sister. I am a better mom. I am a better child. I am a better mommy. I am a better friend. I am a better daughter. I feel that the more I learn and the more maturity I gain in me, the better I will be.

“Love yourself. Know your worth. Love your self enough to accept the body you are, but not enough to wish or expect anything different. Love your mind enough to see what’s inside your head. Love your heart enough to not judge and not hate your self.

The beauty of these lessons for me came from the realization that I was willing to look at myself in a different light. Not that I was accepting of who I was, but that I was willing to face myself with acceptance.

I could have been a hateful person and a hating person, and if I am, I am no better than I was yesterday or yesterday. I was an angry person, but I now understand how to be accepting–with gratitude and gratitude for all that is good in myself. I was a selfish person, but I now understand the impact of letting go of selfishness. I was a complacent person, but I now understand the importance of a positive attitude and how to not feel self conscious when I find my self satisfied. I’m grateful to be who I am. I have more to learn and be better at. But I’m more than half way towards the goal. I’m more in control, I have my confidence back, I’m learning how to control the thoughts in my mind.