How I Learned To Stop Losing Weight Over And Over Again

For the life of me I don’t know why I keep losing weight. I’m so fat! I have to lose more, but then what? This diet is terrible, it’s so cruel and wrong. When it works, it’s great, but then it’s all over.

I’m going to share with all of you two amazing stories of amazing successes. These are the best success stories I have heard about losing weight on a diet.

In one example, when the husband was looking for a spouse from the ’50s, looking for a wife who could cook at home, his father recommended that he come up with a name for the woman he thought he would eventually find. “I’ll call her ‘Flower Basket’ after the dress she wore.” And so he did.

In the other example, when the woman’s husband decided to live off of fruits and vegetables, she couldn’t stop him. He got sick of it and he decided to take his wife on an adventure.

He went to a supermarket and bought some fruit and vegetables. When they left, he bought more than they sold the next day. And after a few days, he sold everything he had been storing up.

Then he got sick of all this and he decided that, “Okay, my wife, if you don’t take the fruit and vegetables, I’m throwing them out of my mind.” And so he decided to take the fruit and vegetables and start making the best meals he could with them.

The results? They were amazing. Within six weeks, his weight went down from a hefty 250 pounds down to 160 pounds.

He had to take the fruits and vegetables or they would go bad and stop making his meals good.

And as for her husband’s weight? He went from being a huge hulk to being a skinny 140-pound man. And he even made significant improvements to his cholesterol levels and lost a lot of blood sugar because the fruits and vegetables made everything so much easier to take.

He lost 40 pounds and has since recovered.

The results are amazing, 

but I think there’s no question that it wasn’t easy for them. 

Don’t let food destroy your body

When you’re trying to lose weight, what do you need to do? What advice would you give a newly-fat person? 

I’d certainly tell them to eat well. I’d tell them to make their own food. I would tell them to make their own healthy recipes.

When we are trying to get on a particular diet, the easiest way to lose weight is for us to simply take a diet and stick to it.

Take a diet, that says, “You are going to eat X amount of calories every day, and in particular this number is going to be X, and if you don’t eat it, you will die”. 

If you think that’s unrealistic, go to the supermarket and get some fruits and vegetables. You’re going to find that if you eat that much fruit and vegetables a day, you have to eat that much of the worst food you can find.

But when you take a diet that says that you just have to cook with fruit and vegetables and that the best way to eat is that, and you just put all your energy into that, you will lose weight. This is all because the diet is structured to make sure that it’s really hard to do anything else.

For example, you’re not allowed to eat anything that’s not on the menu. So if you’re taking the fruit and vegetables and you’ve never eaten fruit before, you will eat all of the worst fruits and vegetables you can find and it will kill you.

How about that?

Okay. So is that all I can tell you? That’s it? You can’t eat anything and still work? Why not? I am an amazing doctor and I can heal you through my hands!

Oh no. This is a very bad doctor, you’re not allowed to heal anything through your hands.

You see, when you go on a diet, you have to be told what to do.  You have to be told what to eat.  And when you take a diet that tells you to keep all your energy in the diet because eating is killing you, you might, at first, feel like, “Why am I doing this? I’m only losing weight.” And then when it’s a diet where your whole lifestyle is changed to keep your energy in this diet, that’s when you can tell your whole life story where no one in your family was ever fat and never ever ate fruit and vegetables, and you’ve been a terrible dieter.

So what do they do to you?  They force you to eat. The diet is structured so that you will starve itself and your body will starve itself.