How I Stopped Using Marijuana

I can no longer rely on marijuana. It has led to bad habits and problems in all aspects of my life, especially social ones. The use of marijuana has been my main form of pain relief in my life, and when I stopped using marijuana, I had no trouble. I now know that it has many negative affects, and it is not healthy to use in this way.

To the people I used to meet at parties who thought that if I didn’t smoke pot everyday then I wasn’t a total ganja head (I’m a stoner now), it was an act of kindness. Sometimes in order to gain attention from others I will use drugs. I used them to let out a lot of pressure that I can’t express. I also used them to get high. But in the years I spent using marijuana it led me to do some pretty bad things, especially when it started to get out of hand. I also started doing drugs for other reasons, mostly to pass time and just to get high. In turn, this turned into things which were far from fun. I used to feel like it was a chore. The drug use had changed my thoughts too, and with that the thought process of the drugs became my dominant thought process – even though they didn’t feel good.

A big part of the problem was that marijuana can bring on a feeling of being completely relaxed. If you know how to properly use the marijuana, and use it correctly, then this allows you to fully enjoy yourself, enjoy being high and be at peace – which is not always the case. But in the beginning it is very rewarding and has its positives.

However, for me using marijuana has turned its attention to other drugs. My thought patterns are not really thinking positive things either, and when I do use the drugs I become a very relaxed person, almost like a zombie – which is not the case at all.

I have now turned all of my thoughts towards getting the right medication to help with things like anxiety, as well as my problems with depression. I have already started taking it, and I am glad to have found this medication, because it has made great changes to my mood and mental state, and I am getting better and better with it. To me, it has been the best decision I ever made.

My situation has been going bad after a while, and it has gotten to the point where I can no longer go about my life normally – in the past, I was the top girl in my high school. People knew I was stoner and thought it was cool, even though I was a little goofy and I did stuff like get stoned in class, which wasn’t much fun – but I was popular. Now my high school is mostly just me.

I don’t have money, so things are not easy for me (my grades are really bad and I was also kicked out of my house last year), but in general living in California, the best thing about the state is to drive on the freeways and have access to the cheapest transportation. On the whole, living in California is a fun place to live.

I think the best thing I can tell people who are struggling with using some type of drugs is just to try. Try using marijuana, or try heroin, or try alcohol – whatever you can come up with. If it gets out of control, just stop. If it doesn’t, then go get the medication, and it will be better. But it will take time. Some people have to quit a little bit to get it to be good and then they get used to the drugs and get better. Once the drug is comfortable you can start using more.

I am writing these words over the holidays when I should be relaxing and not thinking about the struggles I faced after I quit using drugs. It is not fun. I know that my feelings will be different after I get out of California, and these may change. If I do this, then I will have a very different perspective on my former life. You can follow me on my blog