How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Life

I got my start in an exercise and nutrition lab in college. One of the lab director’s favorite lessons was about how he loved living. I listened. Because, for the first time in my life, I knew that I loved living. It was true. It felt so true, in a way I had never felt before. This helped me decide to stop worrying about life and instead to love it.

A year ago I wrote the post “The One Mistake Most Young People Make When They Start College.” It was well received and received well for its optimism and sense of purpose but, oddly, it didn’t get the response I was hoping it would.

I’ve been thinking about that since and still don’t know what the real reason was. I think one of my reasons was that most of those who commented on that post weren’t really in college anymore…

I know that’s quite a generalization but let me back up and talk about my own college experience because that was when, as a freshman, I made the major decision that would change the direction of my life.

It wasn’t my first choice but it was a choice I made. I decided I was going to enroll in a four-year college because I enjoyed the idea of growing as a person and I didn’t want to fall back on a situation of being a lazy student. If you look at that decision on top of the fact that I didn’t want to be a high school drop out for years to come, I suppose it makes sense that that decision wouldn’t have made much sense for me if I hadn’t enjoyed the growth I was having on my own over summer school.

I don’t think it’s possible to truly experience life as a college student without taking a degree. I’ve worked in the field of high school for the last 10 years (working the summer after high school) and I’m confident in saying that the people who spend their summers in high school have no true experience of life. That being said, the thing most college students are afraid to admit is that they don’t really know what high school was like… I wasn’t afraid to admit that I had no idea what high school actually was, but I still wanted to have the experience of living there, so that I could truly experience that experience and feel the excitement of knowing that one day I would. I wanted to have an education and have the opportunity to learn about the world and see if the life experience I was going to be living gave me something to be excited about, even if I wouldn’t find that exact experience there.

I am still learning more and more about high school but for the most part I still have more knowledge than my former self at this point and I’ve had the ability to change a few things along the way.

My major, I’ll let you figure that one out, was Environmental Education and Research. I was very lucky and I found a program that fit me. I was going to live in a house that was set up as an on-campus apartment with dorm rooms and my first semester I didn’t want to live there. Instead I wanted to live in the same house as my friends from my sports team. I knew that I didn’t want to move into the dorm rooms. Instead I wanted to rent a room somewhere on campus and live in it for the entire college year. I also needed some money to pay my rent and food and since the apartments were cheap and they were a good size and cheap, I ended up renting them. This was a great idea. When I got there I was able to make a plan for the rest of the year and I was so excited. For most of my life I would live in a place that I didn’t like and then move to something I liked and my old apartment, even though it was fine, never really felt like home to me and it kept feeling too expensive the more money I made.

My new house was beautiful.