How I Tamed My Body And Gave Up Drugs And Alcohol

This is a post written by Mark, author of the books “How to Lose a Quarter” and “You’re Not Alone.” I encourage you to pick up a copy of Mark’s book and be inspired by each of the people who have given up the fight to control their life’s trajectory, instead of living in constant fear and stress to try and keep what they have and get those they have lost.

I am a recovering addict who quit drugs and alcohol while working full-time at a health foods grocery store. During my first year away from this lifestyle, I got through my first year by writing in my journal about my experience. This led me to discover the power in writing. It helped me become more self-actualized, and I began putting my journal entries on the internet.

It was when I started to see what my readers were saying about my journal entries that I started to see some serious growth and healing happen in my life. As my journal entries spread, and more people started to read my stories, I began to write again.

Now, after 4 years and 1350+ entries, I am sharing what my life has been like since I released the first chapter from my memoir, “Waking Up The Hard Way: A Memoir of Addiction and Myself.” In all of my years of recovering, I have only ever seen one self-improvement memoir come out: Mike Mentzer’s “In Recovery,” which was one of the reasons I became a huge fan of his blog.

I’ve been waiting to write this for a long time. I’ve read countless self-help books.

When I began writing, I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to write about. I would sit in my living room and go over my life. It became a process of elimination. One day I would be writing about the experience I had with sex and the fear it gave me during the past few months. The next day I would be writing about overcoming my fears about being around my fiance, my parents, or my friends, and the last day I would be writing about quitting the drug and alcohol habit.

Eventually, I decided the stories in this book weren’t about being free of my fears, but rather about my fears being overcome.

My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t succeed, and my biggest goal was to lose weight.

At that time, I had been told that losing weight was one of the most important steps to change my life and my life.

But how was I going to lose weight? I had tried several diets, and I had failed all of them. I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted, and I would never let this stop me from getting what I wanted. I wasn’t even going to let a few pounds stop me.

I have always been attracted to people who were thin in both body and mind. I started thinking, what happens when a person who is skinny and in denial about his weight wants to lose weight? Could it have more meaning and less significance? If we lose the weight, are we still the same person who just doesn’t understand love, relationships, or his own worth? Could we change without changing who are?

One day when I was in my apartment, my dog ate some leftovers that I left in the kitchen. She ate the whole plate. I threw away the plate from the dog. I threw away one day in my life that I will never, ever forget. I didn’t tell my therapist about the dog eating my plate because I was nervous it would destroy any chance I had of getting my life in order. I knew they would say I’m just paranoid, and to deal with that, I went online to check if anyone else had experienced this. I found this post by “Lifesaving Mom.” I got more and more excited.