How Long Will You Still Be Alive?

Your answer to this question will affect not only the quality and duration of your life but also how well you know that you are here. You should think about this question and how you’ll be remembered for as long as you live, just like any other important goal. In other words, think about the questions and answers in YOUR LIFE, for better or for worse.

An outpouring of grief spread across the Internet on Sunday, as Hollywood insiders and fans alike mourned the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman, widely considered to be one of his generation’s most gifted performers. Hoffman, who was 46 and the father of three young children, died of an apparent drug overdose in his Greenwich Village apartment. The New York Times said , “A tragedy for many. A tragedy for all of us. A tragedy for those who love him.” And, in another obituary, the New York Post said , ” Philip Seymour Hoffman , whose career was dominated by a singular ability, a kind of silent movie magic that could turn words into pictures, the gift that has become the stuff of legends, has died … of an apparent heroin overdose.”

The New York Times also described Hoffman as an artist whose film career spanned nearly three decades. The actor, whose first film was in high school and his breakthrough came three years later in the musical comedy Animal House (1978), would star in films such as The Master (1985), Rain Man (1988) , Dead Poets Society (1990) , The Muppet Show (1999) , The Hunger (2007) and Rain Man (2010). In addition to his role in the 2006 film The Master, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as a depressed art dealer in The Master.

News of his death has been met by a mix of sympathy and sadness across the country. The New York Times reported that Hoffman’s wife, a former fashion model, said that “he was a very loving man… He was always willing to offer help to anyone.”

As if being recognized for his talents wasn’t enough for one of the most famous actors in the world, Hoffman was also very prolific in the world of film and had a wide range of acting roles. In the first place, he had a distinguished career in television, starring in three decades worth of prime-time television series on the CBS network. He appeared on such programs as All in the Family (1965), The Jeffersons (1971), Roseanne (1984), All in the Family (1974), The Jeffersons Revival (1989), and The Drew Carey Show (1994).

The actor also appeared on various series such as The Waltons (1964), Family Ties (1976), and The West Wing (1999-02). It wasn’t just television appearances that Hoffman’s films were filled with, however. As well, they tended to feature him playing multiple roles in one, as opposed to doing the same thing as in TV series. While Hoffman’s feature-length films were usually characterized by his ability to transform himself into other characters, his shorts film career also showed him at his best in multiple roles. Hoffman won an Oscar for his short film One Night in the Desert (1973) and was nominated again for his directorial work with the short film It Takes a Thief (1976).

But Hoffman was more than just a talented actor and director. As the Times described, “a man of many talents, Mr. Hoffman showed little signs of the drug addiction that was to consume the rest of his life. He had been an actor before his career took him to New York in the late seventies, but now he preferred to act with others; he helped run an improv comedy troupe with his family, and his wife, Sara, helped lead a Christian-based church.”

Hoffman would later become the director of The Master. After his career in the industry, Hoffman would continue his acting work, appearing in the 1999 remake of It’s a Wonderful Life. He also did some voice work in animated films such as Lilo & Stitch, The Lion King, and Bambi (2011). Hoffman was married to actress Mimi O’Donnell from 1982 to 2007. They have both three grown children and live in Manhattan, New York.