How Much Can I Love Myself?

It’s really important to have healthy love feelings, but what is healthy love? Are there limits? This talk explores your feelings, and reveals the role of love in our lives and in your overall life well-being.

You may not realize it, and may even get a bit jealous, but there is a love inside you that’s so alive and tender that you must feel free and unencumbered to love it. To love that “someone” who is not the love of your life. When you love yourself, you have a sense of well-being that lifts you up and makes you feel as though you are not on the ropes. You know what your boundaries are, and you allow yourself to be loved and let yourself be completely vulnerable. It is a state of blissful harmony. That can’t be learned with a book or a lecture. For me, those early days of full understanding and freedom were when I was able to love myself. It was because I was fully present and free in the here and now. It was love. That can go a long way and we all have opportunities to deepen our appreciation and experience a higher level of it. The next time you find yourself thinking about self-love, give it a try. I promise you that it will change your day.

My friend and fellow blogger, Jessica Sturgess, who I have discussed these techniques with a few times before, wrote up a really brilliant series explaining what she has learned from her time of learning how to love yourself more so, and how it’s been helping her to be happier and more satisfied in her life to date. This is great stuff. Check it out here: Loving Yourself More Is Not A “Good Thing”

A newbie in the self-love movement, and someone who will be a great example to young women, is one of those wonderful bloggers, Ashley Stoltzfus, from “How to Get in the Mood to Be Happier”. She also is a great teacher to women as an example of how to learn about self-love. You can check out her blog here!

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Other self-love blogs and resources you might enjoy:

This one is by the wonderful author, Kate Breslin. She is in her early 30’s with no kids on her mind, living the lives of a happily married woman, and a young single single mother of two. At the age of 13, she wrote a paper called, “Why Do People Suck at Relationships”, which caused a huge impact in her life. In this essay she explains how she was in love with the concept of “self-love”. The essay is fantastic, and will give you a lot of insight into how love can change your life.

This book is by a woman who is very familiar to me. One of her best friends was married for 21 years, and he just had the biggest meltdown ever. In all those years, he was never able to admit that he felt loved in any other sense. He knew he was a terrible boyfriend, but couldn’t really articulate it; all he knew was that he felt nothing but shame, fear, and anger. This book has helped him and many others to take back some of this power by letting them just feel happy instead of ashamed, sad, afraid, etc. She goes on to say that by just knowing that you are enough to each other, your relationship will always feel normal. I feel such a sense of pride each time I hear this, knowing that a book like this is able to change minds.

In this blog, you’ll meet a few amazing women, and learn a lot of valuable lessons about self and love. In this post you’ll discover this incredible author’s self-empowering message so you too can help save everyone’s self-esteem. A truly wonderful example of a blogger from one of my all time favorite bloggers, Kristine.