How My Own Life Experiences Lead To Unethical Behavior

A lot of my life experiences have affected my thoughts and behavior, and I’ve been an unwitting participant in all of them.

I can’t claim fault, because I’m not responsible for any personal decisions I’ve made through my life experience. What I DO take responsibility for is my actions, which I’ve taken under the influence of bad people. I have been a victim of bad people on several occasions, and I want to bring light to the subject with this blog.

The term “bad people” is a little misleading, and it’s a little too obvious to call them evil people – that doesn’t make them bad guys (which is what they are). The term “bad people” should really be used to describe the society which I had grown up in, rather than the individuals themselves. The bad people are the system that has created, and perpetuates the behavior that leads me to do these things.

People who act badly are just that – people. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter if they’d never met you or never worked with you before. If everyone acted that way, the system wouldn’t exist, and we’d have better people in charge.

We live in a society. It started out as a bunch of people living peacefully in a village, and over the years it progressed to an advanced society of a million people. There are some things which we can’t control, and I think it is important for us to understand that.

As a society, we have all been affected in one way or another, if only by the choices we’ve made throughout the world. We have all been affected negatively by some behaviors of the bad people, and positively by some of the good ones. In a society where there are bad people, there will be bad outcomes, and bad actions. In a society where there’s good people, there will be good outcomes. The bad people are just some pieces of the puzzle.

To go back to the topic of the bad experiences, I believe that those are the ones that influence my decisions, and the ones I must live with. Those will influence, shape, and change my personal outlook from that point on.

The bad experiences are those negative things that I have no control over in this life and others, which have been brought about by other people.

That is the part that I would like to discuss, and hopefully, I can help some people to see.

My life experiences do influence me in certain ways, and some of these are negative and some positive. I will go over each event and point out which way they are negative.

1) I am lazy. Most of my time is spent sitting at a desk working.

If I was doing that every day, I could probably get by for a good year. If I’m at the computer all day, I’ll feel tired and unfocused the next day, but it’s always possible for me to get up and move around if I want to, even if I’m tired. If I was at my desk all day, I’d be very uncomfortable.

I don’t consider that laziness. The lack of time spent doing something could be attributed to several things:

1) Lack of motivation. I have not been motivated for work to keep up my productivity. I have been lazy.

2) Lack of time. One of life’s biggest problems is the time we’re given. It’s time wasting, if we are not utilizing it to its fullest.

3) Lack of focus. When I have too many things going on, and too much going on at once, I don’t have all my attention on one thing.