How Not To Look And Feel Unwell While Working

People underestimate the amount of unhealth you put on yourself and others when you’re at work.

In order to get a handle on how much unhealth you put on others , I analyzed my health-related behavior when I was working. I found that working 70 hour weeks, which is typical among most people entering a 9 to 5 job, has many negative side effects. I’ve written about this in my recent book (a free download for anyone who signs up for the newsletter ).

Exercises I’d like to do that don’t involve heavy lifting for a period of time, such as: 1. Swimming, as part of a yoga class with my friend Heather. 2. Breathing through my nose for 30 minutes 3. Sitting in a chair for 10 minutes 4. Walking at a comfortable pace (10 minutes per mile) 5. Eating healthy and/or getting some sleep. We’re in a time of change. There is no reason to be complacent about our bodies, the quality of our work, or our mental health. We deserve no less.

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I’m running a Facebook support group for people who want to ask questions about how we can keep ourselves from getting sick at work or not feeling well at all while working.  To join: Click here .  It’s an informal group.  We don’t need to be connected to each other to work on the questions. Questions can be on any topic. And the group is open to anyone who is interested in these issues.  The rules are no name-calling, rude remarks, or hateful or otherwise offensive remarks. There’s a waiting list, but it takes about a week or two to set up an account.  If you have a question or need any help, please e-mail me.  I will not reply to messages without answering.

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You’re running out of time to do the things you want to do, and all you want to do is get off your butt to exercise.  But you’re being overwhelmed by worries about how much, how much time, if it’s right for you, if it’s effective.  (Or, really any question.)  And on top of that you’re spending a great deal of money trying to work out, and on food and shopping and stuff. And you know you don’t really have time for exercise and exercise isn’t working out for you. You’ve probably had the feeling like you don’t fit in, don’t fit in where you work, don’t fit in when you go out to eat, and don’t fit in when you’re running late… but there is more to the picture than you’d think.

First, don’t be so discouraged. Work out is good for you.  Not only does it pay (and in the long run it’s an investment in your health and happiness), it helps you get a lot out of every day. Second, you’re a human being. No matter what the size, shape, color, race, or gender of your peers (you are the only one with these characteristics), working out is a privilege.  We don’t want our privileges taken away from us. So if you do this stuff, do it not because someone else says to do so, but because you have decided you don’t want to give up a chance of improving your health, in an environment that you like.