How One Family Lost More Than 300 Pounds In 21 Months

My family’s story is one of perseverance, hard work and dedication. It is a story of hard work, dedication, and resilience and I am honored to have shared it with you.

With each of our four children, we lost approximately 300 pounds of fat and weight. We were at the same time working two full-time jobs, caring for four children and living modestly with three kids. We learned long ago the benefits of the challenge in life for a family of four. It takes great strength, willpower, and commitment to lose over 300 pounds, which is the goal in our family. Many of the health benefits of being a lean weight loss success story include:

1. Lower risk of heart attack, stroke and Type 2 diabetes

2. Lower risk of hypertension

3. Lower risk of obesity-related cancer, cancer at the pancreas, high cholesterol, and coronary heart disease

4. Lower risk and greater satisfaction with one’s body

5. Lower risk for osteoarthritis and arthritis

6. Improved sleep quality and decrease in sleeping disorder

7. Lessened risk of osteoporosis and arthritis


Higher success rate in maintaining weight loss after initial weight loss.

In our family the only one who didn’t lose weight was my son Nicky who was one of the two children who wasn’t part of the challenge program. He’s been on the road to losing weight since the program started. Nicky and I, along with our other son Eric, began the challenge at age 6 and had him lose 110 pounds in the first year. At the age of 11, Nicky was a healthy 9-year old, weighing over 300 pounds. His weight loss was very rapid to the point that he didn’t take his shirt off on most days. He was still a boy though so he wore boy’s underwear and his shirt had sleeves. He was a happy, well-adjusted child. In fact, he was more outgoing and social, more interested in going to school and participating in other activities. While he didn’t gain all of the weight back, he had to stop for a few months when his heart rate was just too high to maintain. It was at about this time that Nicky had to stop working because he wouldn’t lose any more weight. He was a happy, successful and independent teenager and he would continue to be one after his diet and exercise changed.

During the course of the program we had five of our kids drop out for various reasons. Some did not meet the expectations of the program, some struggled with eating disorders and some had severe mood swings. The program is designed for people of any age; however, our program is best suited for those between the ages of 4 and 18, as we have seen the greatest success among those under the age of 18. Some of your children may be older or may be taking special diets, supplements, or medications that require more time. The program is designed so you can focus on building a family of four with all that entails while also building in the time to develop a healthy life for yourself and your family. Our program is a 24-hour program that is run on a regular basis. The only time you will need to call the doctor at any time is when you have to make a hospital visit. This only applies for the following illnesses that could result from a full or partial body or liver, and should not be confused with illnesses that are the result of food poisoning.

I recently asked a nutritionist why so many of her patients had trouble losing weight. She explained that most overweight adults are sedentary and spend a lot of time watching TV or engaging in other activities that do not use their brains (such as reading a book or listening to an iPod). The sedentary behavior of overweight adults makes them less capable of learning and engaging in physical activities that burn fat.

The goal of our program is to help you do something great. To learn more about our program, you can download the brochures here .