How The Internet Changed My Life

My story here is very simple — the internet took my lonely life and turned it into something quite extraordinary. And here’s why — it gave me a way to express this, a way to connect to people, a way to make money (because the internet is the perfect tool for making money).

And so the Internet came in. From the minute that it first hit our shores in the mid ’90s, I was hooked. By 2002, I was a full-time web-developer, and after being married for the first time in 1997, I found myself starting a company with a friend of mine.

So, from its very inception and all through 2002, I was a full-time online entrepreneur. My career in the online market was very fruitful and I made tens of thousands of dollars building an online retail business that eventually grew to become a multi-million dollar conglomerate. However, I was never truly happy. There just weren’t enough hours in the day to work at it full-time, much less to do it the right way. It was hard work. It was lonely. I wasn’t quite as financially secure, emotionally secure, or fulfilled than before — I’d always had the opportunity to pursue my dreams but always felt the need to make money first . If only my life were always so convenient —

I went back into school, studying what I thought would help me with that life-coping, but I was unable to make the necessary adjustments to my schedule. Instead of continuing with my business, I started my own. But this time in my career didn’t work out nearly as well.

The web had changed my idea of what success was, what being a successful person and what being at home meant. I was never quite happy. I just wasn’t satisfied. So I did something about it. 

I was always a planner, always planning what to do with my life, but then I became an entrepreneur and started to realize — I’m not always going to be working this way, not always the same. If I stay focused on what I want to do, and not what I think I can get away with when I’m not focused, I can achieve what I really want in life —

but when I get distracted, I lose my bearings. It becomes easier and easier for me to fall back into old habits rather than learning something new. This became a massive source of frustration for me. And now I really wanted to be at work doing what I enjoy rather than doing it just to make money.  I needed to step out from the comfort and ease life had provided me with and figure out a way to get back to business. I didn’t know what to do.

However, just as I had lost my own passion for the web in the early part of my online career, I came back to school about a month short of graduating, and I met a man in love with my work, my passion, and my ability. They were two very different things that had very little in common. But one day a week we would meet for dinner and talk about our lives and how I could help create an easier path for him and his family’s lives and his future by helping them build their wealth online.  After our first dinner that year, a month-and-a-half in, we met for dinner again, and two weeks later we were engaged. So in a sense, I was a complete “professional”.

     I’m on the right track.  Now get out there and start building your wealth now! It’s worth it. And it’s easier when you use the right tools.

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