How To Achieve A Better Sleep Cycle

While there are many tools for combating insomnia and stress, nothing works better than just getting up and moving. The first step to achieving a more restful day is knowing your goals, staying accountable and setting goals you feel confident in achieving.

How to Achieve A Better Sleep Cycle

“I’ve been dealing with my mental illness a lot recently, and I’ve found some good advice online on how to take care of yourself in a way that can actually make people enjoy interacting with you again. One piece of advice that is pretty relevant and helpful: do lots of small, focused, physical things to get yourself out of your own head while you’re at it.”

First and foremost, you can’t have a better nights sleep if you’re in a rush or trying to get something done.

You cannot have a better nights sleep if you’re not sleeping enough or are not sleeping at all.

You cannot have a better nights sleep if you’re not fully rested and you’re not allowing your body to rest.

You cannot have a better nights sleep if you’re not aware of what is causing your poor sleep cycle.

You cannot have a better nights sleep if you’re not taking your time to rest as much as you should.

The more you do in your day, the less you need to do at night for maximum sleep quality.

“I had a friend recently, and when he had his best month of sleep in 5 years, I had the bright idea to give up my commute. After his bad nights’ sleep last month, I realized how difficult I had made it for my friend. This isn’t a cure-all, and there are a lot of barriers to sleeping well; however, I was able to do a lot (and stay productive) in that space last night when I had nothing to do!”

If you’re going to spend longer at your desk, try to find a place that doesn’t feel empty.

If you’re going to be in that environment for extended amounts of time then you have to put in extra time to make that space feel more inviting.

This includes getting your phone out while in public.

Also, get your work station set up while taking breaks. If you can’t put headphones in without your computer being able to recognize that you’ve plugged in an app (especially if it’s from Google Play or something similar) then consider having something plugged into your laptop for when you’re away.

I’ve written some more “How To Achieve A Better Sleep Cycle” articles on this site including How To Create An App, the 5 Day Schedule and the 6 Week Diet and a post where I go on an eight-day drinking binge while traveling. I’ve had a lot of luck using some of the advice in these articles while traveling and that’s what I’ll mention again. While the information might be helpful to a small subset of travelers the most valuable advice I got from traveling was in regards to personal health, which I think is more universal, especially for people struggling to sleep better.

The more you sleep well, the better you’ll sleep. The more you sleep poorly, the worse you’ll sleep. There isn’t a right or wrong way of sleeping; it just depends on what your sleep schedule is. There’s no magic pill to get you to sleep better. You’re going to have to put in the effort and make the time to make your sleep better.

There really isn’t a magic pill. What’s most important is how much you’re willing to put into the process of getting your sleep in a better state. Getting back to our friend who lives in NYC, I would recommend finding out what works for you. This might even be a good time to talk to your doctor.