How To Achieve A Little Happiness With Every Breath

Sometimes we do something in our lives that makes us happy or makes a connection with another person. As we continue to take a breath, we can choose a second breath to be in the present, connected to the present moment, and then remember our happy moment.

Being aware of that moment of connection, and not dwelling on it is a simple, but powerful meditation tool. In this blog post, I share a technique I use when we are feeling down–to take a slow, slow, slow break, and pause for a second to notice the happiness we shared and the connection with each other.

What Is Breathing The Way You Were Born

Many of us know the way we were born–that is to say, we know the “default” way we breathe. We often say things like “There’s no way my baby would have this much energy,” or “Don’t tell me I’m so thin that I need weight loss surgery!” The purpose of these statements is to make it impossible for us to change how we breathe in order to make it easier, faster, better. However, that’s not how we were designed. As we learned to control the breath , we created the ability to “control” the breath, which is like the power to “manipulate” or “change” the natural cycle of breath.

It all started with the idea that as you “control” the breath, we need to find new ways to control breathing. You might imagine that the air flowing through your lungs in a particular way–that it’s more or less full, for example–is a natural and innate thing. However, there are many biological and biomechanical pressures that influence how the air enters the lungs and what occurs in those lungs, which can and do shift the way or speed the air can flow through your lungs. This is why we have a variety of ways to control how our lungs function to ensure a comfortable, easy and controlled way to breathe.

You Can Contribute To Your Better Breath

Now, you can see why when you are in a bad place emotionally or physically, this is a hard thing to deal with, and it’s also a challenge to find and implement changes in your breathing, because most people would rather not have their breathing impacted by any changes in their life. In those cases, or when you simply know your current breath is not working for you, it can be helpful to learn other simple techniques, like breathing in a different way, as a simple way to try and control your breathing a little bit more easily.   A few weeks before my wedding, I was feeling pretty bad and felt like I was in a really rough place emotionally.  When I was having feelings, I could always find myself in a different place.  After I went into surgery, I was still feeling pretty bad.  There were also several days when I had no appetite or I didn’t feel like I was feeling too well, but when I would eat something or eat something that didn’t have any flavor it was so easy to just take a moment for myself to “rest in thought” and breathe. I found a very good technique I could use to help with my meditation practice in those moments when I was having feelings, and the technique has worked really well with my practice.

1.   Breath In with the Chakra You Are Struggling With

In the first case, I’m thinking about my breathing and then bringing my attention to the chakra I have felt so bad about.