How To Achieve The Perfect Body Every Time

It’s the biggest challenge of my career (and one that I would consider highly unlikely to be accomplished by someone who ate nothing but raw organic fruits or vegetables over the past year), but if I could only accomplish the perfect body, the hardest part would be over. I would then be free to take care of other life issues.  I know because this is my quest.  For better or for worse, I am making sacrifices to this quest….

I want to achieve a body that is as lean, as long, and slim as possible and have it look as if I’m wearing a bathing suit while in front of a mirror.  What should I do? When can I expect to achieve this goal?  I’m starting a bodybuilding program and a new dietary, fitness and exercise regimen right now, but I plan on going to the gym about 10 or 20 times per week and eating as many raw organic fruits and vegetables as I possibly can over the next 12 months.

Step 3: Set Your Personal Goals

Before you can set your personal goals, you need to first define what it is you want and what it entails.  For me, this is the part that I struggle most.  I’m not a motivational speaker, so I don’t try to get others motivated.  But rather, like I did on #2, I want to inspire others to take action and to reach their goals in a way that they can keep moving forward. 

In the example I gave, I wanted to have the most idealized body possible, which means that I wanted to have big muscles, toned abs, a healthy waist, and a large chest. When I was younger, I wanted to look like an Olympic gymnast – so in that particular case I chose to focus my goals on those skills.

For many of this series of posts, I’ve described several examples of what I want and I’ve shown you the results I’ve had.  Now I’m going to share my personal example of what I want when I’m at my fitness best.  I don’t want to look like the woman in the picture in the last post. But now that I’ve described what I want, I can give you a realistic example of how I would like to achieve it when I’m at the height of my fitness.

If you’re going be reading this blog regularly then you’ll likely know by now that I have lost about 50 pounds.  This is something I know I’ll never achieve but it’s the goal I’m working towards anyway.  I know when I look at my scale at home, my waist is now about 40″ higher than my waist measurement from when I was 28.5″ , my stomach is now about 25″ larger, my legs are about 30″ longer and my ass is about 50″ longer. I want to look like an Olympic gymnast every time I run, jump rope, jump off of the couch, and jump into the pool without feeling restricted in any area.  As you can tell from the picture below, when I’m at this point, I look completely different.  I look like a woman in a bikini on a beach in Hawaii.

On a more serious note, this next picture is me on day 1  of my new weight loss program.  See the difference?  I gained about 10 lbs over 6 weeks, and I look lean, well toned, and healthy now, as opposed to looking like a girl in a bikini on a beach in Hawaii. Now the hard part comes – finding the proper mindset.  In order to become as fit as I am today without feeling restricted in areas of my body while I’m exercising, I have to find someone to look like me in pictures.

I know I’ll never look like a woman in a bikini on a beach in Hawaii, but I want to go to the beach with my body so that I can at least pretend I did so that I can encourage myself and others to do the same.