How To Avoid A Heart Attack

If you’re worried about “running out of time”, this video teaches you a few methods to limit your lifespan.

These methods include:

-Taking a few medications, which are natural alternatives to drugs with known negative side effects

-Taking a multi-vitamin with added B12

-Maintaining a healthy weight -taking medications (i.e. heartburn medications) or herbal remedies that contain herbs (i.e. peppermint, which reduces inflammation – drinking plenty of water -eating meals with low calorie carbohydrates) – avoiding stress

-Being physically active.

-Being mentally agile -being patient -being creative in writing

-Making good decisions -reading good books and blogs.


If you’d rather listen to me write about the above subjects, then here’s a great free book: 

-The Tao of Health and Fitness: The Revolutionary New Science

-How The Ancient Mariner Got The Secret To A Healthy Heart, A Healthy Brain, A Healthy Body, And Life-Long Enjoyment

-How To Live Longer With A Healthy Mind, Body And Spirit

The book is a collection of writings on healthy living from the great master of longevity, Dr. Marcus H. Stanley. Read the book, and you’ll never again feel like you’re running out of time! You’ll find out how it’s possible to have a long and thriving life and stay healthy.

The “Marinara Method”

You’re about to learn the Marinara Method, and it’s the best thing going in the world right now.

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If you’re interested in learning the ” Marinara Method”, here’s a link to download the free PDF version of the book:

– The Marinara Method: The New Science Of Preventing and Overcoming The Top 10 Longevity Killers Of All Times – A Comprehensive Plan To Defuse Disease And Live Longer – The Most Effective, Easiest Way To Prevent A Heart Attack, Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke & Heart Disease. It’s Over 180 pages of the best information I’ve ever written. The Secrets Of Long Life, The Secret To Preventing Disease At Any Age. It’s Time To Get Started Right Now To Get Started With The Marinara Method.

“How to live longer has been discussed for decades …but this book has the information behind the advice and techniques.” The New York Daily News , on the book

“Every year, a million people in the United States die from preventable diseases – but we still tend to think that if we just eat right and exercise, we will live longer. This book is aimed at explaining how to actually live a longer, healthier and longer life by focusing on five key things – avoiding deadly diseases, having a healthy heart, maintaining a youthful body, maintaining a healthy brain and living longer than you ever thought you could.”

On The Marinara Method

The “Marinara Method” is a powerful program intended to create longer, healthier and longer life with an emphasis on prevention (i.e. keeping yourself as fit as possible, eating healthy nutritious foods, etc.).

The “Marinara Method” is a unique combination of techniques that have enabled its users to lower the risk of suffering from chronic diseases of aging, and to achieve higher levels of physical and mental functioning, and have less trouble maintaining optimal physical and mental performance throughout their lives.

Through the use of the “Marinara Method, your lifetime of chances to be alive can be extended from your 70’s to the late 80’s or later, providing you with an average health and longevity improvement of up to 50 years.