How To Avoid Bacteria: A Recipe To Use Vinegar To Keep Everything Clean

The most common way to get bacteria in your body is to eat. I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat, but it’s not something you need all the time.

The most common way to get bacteria in your body is to eat. While there are a ton of ways a person can get bacterial infections, most of them happen through not washing properly and not properly scrubbed. With your hands and the right foods you can keep your skin healthier and your kitchen cleaner. In fact, you can actually do this with food. Vinegar is a natural antimicrobial and cleaning agent. I think most of you already use natural, clean, and natural cleaners. Vinegar is another one. There are two types. White and yellow. We use both to keep things clean. Just like you use soap, vinegar is made with an alcohol base. It doesn’t smell like alcohol so you don’t have to worry about it getting in your eyes. You can use just a little bit as a soap and scrub on your skin as needed. You can also use it on hard surfaces as a cleaning agent. When using vinegar for cleaning, it’s important to mix it with water. You should always mix it with water to avoid having the solution turn a cloudy color. If it looks cloudy (which will turn dark brown after it cools), dilute it with water. If necessary to remove dirt or dirtiness on certain items, I have found it best to use a mixture of white and yellow vinegar.

First you’ll need to soak cotton swabs in some white vinegar. I like Vine-Sci. It’s super cheap. I’ve also seen Titered. You’ll want to test how much of the cotton swabs have been put into white vinegar first because you can just add less white vinegar when needed. It’s fine to use 100% white vinegar for it has been the standard for cleaning for most since ancient Egyptian times.

Once soaked, squeeze some vinegar into your swabs and rub them for a few seconds then run them through the wash cycle. The cotton wool swab will get sopping wet and soak into the vinegar (there are many articles on the interwebs about how to prevent this). If your swabs start to bleed, stop and rinse them off. Try not to use them if they get so wet. Some people are able to soak their cotton swabs in other things, I’ve even heard of people doing this with a cotton ball.

You’ll want to make sure you rinse them off as soon as you can. For some people like myself, that takes about 10 minutes or so. Don’t worry too much about it. It’s fine. Most of us get used to using it, so you’ll be fine for the most part. You can use the same cotton swabs in the water and then rinse it off as well. I also put some in a tea towel and make a little bath soap out of the tea towel. I use this so I can put this stuff on my hands. This helps take the place of using gloves when I’m washing my car. It makes so much sense. If you’re washing your hands or anything else, there is no need to use gloves. It’s so much safer.

When you’re done rinsing, wash your swabs up to drain off the vinegar. If you notice any leftover vinegar, you can squeeze it back into the cotton swabs in the vinegar. I know I just used about 10 of them and they’ve all been good, but I’m curious. You definitely do not want to pour any of the leftover vinegar down the drain. I just put it back in the kitchen sink and let it sit there. Once it’s been rinsed, I put about 3 tablespoons of white vinegar in my bathtub and put in some water. Take a shower and don’t forget to use soap and rinse off your hands. Rinse out your hands and any other water spills. Once you’re done showering, I put some vinegar in my dishwasher and use soapy water to wash the dishes. I just use normal water and the dishwasher does all of the work like this. Just don’t put the soap in and put it in your dishes with water. You can also use any vinegar to clean things up. Just be careful, most people who drink it have diarrhea afterwards.

So, now you’re looking at making homemade soap using vinegar and vinegar to scrub your countertops if you want a little something to put on your face once or twice a day. I’d love to hear how your home is.