How To Avoid Pest Control At Home

Pests are a growing threat on a national and global scale. The U.

Pest control is often the first line of defense for homeowners to fight unwanted insects. If you get a bug in the house, it’s likely to get out on to the other side of the house. So if you want to keep your home safe, make certain that you’re maintaining good housekeeping habits and having your pets regularly checked.

What Is Pest Control & How It Works?

Pest control refers to the use of chemicals or insects to control unwanted insects in the home. Pests can come from any place. They include beetles, flies, beetles, ants, aphids, spiders, mites, centipedes, and other creepy crawly critters. In the U.S. the pest management industry is estimated to have a multi-billion dollar business.

 How Do You Use Pest Control?

There are two types of pest control, residential and commercial pest control. 

Most household pests are controlled with natural predators like predators, predatory mites, etc. That is not very effective though. There are usually other less expensive methods which are more effective. In some cases, chemicals are used. 

You may have heard of pesticides, which are considered to be the most dangerous method of pest control. The U.S. government puts a fine on any person who sells poisons. However, pesticides still have a place in pest control. Pesticides are safe when used properly to kill those bugs the homeowner is trying to keep from harming others.

 You have a few options if you want to use insecticides or other chemicals. First off all, if you really want to kill the pests, don’t try to save money by buying the cheapest bug killer. Cheap chemical companies use toxic ingredients that have never been tested for safety. You can read more about pesticide safety here:  Home & Garden Poisoning Prevention  

 Here’s a quick comparison of the two methods for pest control, residential vs. commercial.

Commercial Pest Control

Most commercial pest control is not a high quality service at all. However, it is still cheaper than buying chemical products. Here are a few things to look for:

Clean, professional looking home.

Dirt or sand is strewn on any floor surface you may work on.

It is always cleaner than a home that looks like it is always being cleansed.

In a large commercial home, there is a lot of trash and chemicals which would usually get washed away.

It is easier to keep the pests away. 

Most home owners would be better off renting or hiring a pest control company if they have the money. However, the people who pay the high cost of commercial treatment and don’t need to worry about keeping the pests out of their home should consider this. 

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