How To Be A Better Caregiver

Helping others can be a great way to show appreciation to those closest. The same is true of caring for the environment, animals and the planet. To help people and the planet…

Many people today see it as a given that we are in trouble. In my opinion, this is a terrible thought, since it assumes that nature is the enemy. It can be more important not to be complacent than anything else. The most vital thing we can do as our world becomes more threatened is to work on our own self-care and that means making it a major component of our life.

We’ve written plenty about helping those in need online at The Good Men Project and through the wonderful books by Dr. Richard Rose.

Today we’ll be featuring a guest post from the wonderful, funny and deeply caring Amy on how she tries to give care to those around her.

Amy is a writer, a former TV producer, a mother, and the founder and director of the charity  Care One ! Amy’s story is about self-care more than caregiving, though that can be a part of it.

Amy, thank you for sharing your story. I’m glad to have you here today to share our guest post. And I hope you take away from this that self-care has a big impact on your emotional well-being and overall well-being. If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately, Amy has some advice on how to deal with that. (Or if you feel ready to get help, Amy has a list of support partners to help you out.)

My personal struggles with self-care have nothing to do with my relationship with my mom or my friends or even my wife.

But they do have to do with the fact that I live in a very hectic world and am exhausted each and every time I wake up. When I’m not in front of TV, sitting at home, or working, I’m sitting at home waiting for the rest of the world to settle down.

But once it does, I want to go back to the world. I want to stay in touch with the people I care about, and I want to write more.

Here is a summary of three days I spent doing just this. (See the links at the bottom of the post to check out all my photos.)

Day 1 – I woke up early and checked out my Instagram feed for the day. When I found a few of the posts tagged #selfcare, a light bulb went off for me — I had a lot to be grateful for! Here are my favorites I saw the day it happened – 1.) In Love with Life and In Love with Myself  I read this post by @kathybennemann and realized “wow, this is a pretty perfect metaphor for my life!”    As a kid, life was a constant push and pull of me trying to get out of bed and out of the house while in the car, driving, or on a plane, and at other times I would be so tired when it happened that I could barely get out of bed. For the majority of my life I have tried to avoid this “in between” life; so instead of being in love with life, today I was feeling that wonderful inner-warrior, who is a master of both worlds.

 2.) In Love with Life – This article  by Toni Bernhard is not really a self-care story, but I love the title and this is another great read on it’s self-care inspiration for me – “I know I’ve been pretty critical of my life lately, especially in light of the terrible events in Europe, but there was one event that has to be shared and that was the Holocaust.