How To Be A Happy Person

How to be kind, generous, compassionate and loving to others is an attitude that is hard to explain. This video illustrates the concepts and strategies involved in developing this attitude.

I have a friend who keeps a “how not to be a dick” book at home for when he is feeling like a dick. He says that he finds himself feeling particularly prickly toward people he doesn’t know. I think that when someone expresses hurtful feelings towards another person, it is helpful to pause and consider what that person is feeling and what you are saying or doing. In this video, you can get a sense of the thinking behind this approach.

I’m not a big fan of “how to be a nicer person”. I feel that it’s just another way of trying to win someone over rather than dealing with the issues that are actually present in a relationship. I think, rather than trying to change someone’s beliefs and attitude, it’s more effective to learn to get along. This video explains the theory behind what nice people do and the difference between nice guys and jerks.

This video explores how to deal with the tension and drama that comes up in a relationship when one person acts very differently from someone you admire and one person acts as if there is no such thing as drama. This video also explores the benefits of being the person with a clear agenda.

This video discusses what it means to be the person who is very passionate about what they are doing. This video is an example of what I refer to as a “nice guy” video. “Nice Guy” videos are videos that address the difficult issues of relationships with the goal of helping their audience become better people through education. I call this type of video a “relationship development video”, which is because it helps the audience develop relationship skills.

In a relationship learning video, what a teacher might say is often the right thing to say to their audience. This video gives a very concise look at the principles behind how to talk to a partner and make the best decision for themselves. This video also looks at how to work in a partner’s best interests, which is how it’s done.

This video looks at why people find themselves in the position to be angry or to be the person who gets angry, and how you can learn from this. This video is an example of a “nice guy” video.

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