How To Be An Empowered, Positive Person

You can’t always have the answer to a question: you have to create the moment when you have the answer. It comes from the inside, and it creates a different connection with yourself, and all of humanity, you know, the whole family.  Make that moment count.

As you move forward in your life, you will need to discover ways to create your own experiences and moments of freedom.  They will bring you greater satisfaction, and may be the most important moments of your life.  And if they don’t bring you happiness then that’s okay: your happiness will be here with you and with all of your friends and family, whether you realize it or not, through life, right this very moment.

In life we find out who we really are, and who we can really be because that’s what we do as people.  How do you find out if that’s true or not, and how do you create those experiences that will bring you into that life?  It’s the same reason we find out where we are in the universe: by moving forward, and learning from events and moments that will shape our future.

And while you’re doing that you have to keep your eye on the prize.  Because you know that when things are good, they’re usually going to stay good.  When things are bad, they tend to stay bad.  If someone’s in your life who’s working on their life, or who can’t seem to do that, they are in dire danger of losing the most important thing of all: Self.

So the whole point of life is to find yourself.  To find your worth and your purpose – or lack of purpose, if you choose.  Because once you have that, the rest is all gravy, really!

That’s because you are the prize.  The thing being fought over.  And if you can find your worth, and your purpose and start doing things that give you meaning and purpose, then you get what you deserve, and everyone else’s reward will follow.  And if not: it’s okay.  Because at some point in your life, you’re going to wake up and the world will be changed for the better.  And who knows, you may become the most important person in the world yourself!  Or find what you really have to say, and you’ll be able to do so without the weight of everyone else weighing down around you.

I’m not a doctor, but it seems like most people get their answers from their friends and family.  In fact, that’s where the real healing happens, for those who need it most.  And it may very well start with a book like A Million Little Pieces that helps you find your true center, and how to share that with others.  So enjoy this book, even if you don’t fall for it.  Because you’ll never know what other people may find in it, or what you may want to accomplish by reading it.  And perhaps that’s what you’ve been missing your whole life.

In the meantime, enjoy the moment, and be good.  And live like it’s the last day of your life.  Because one way or another it’s going to be .