How To Be Happier, Happier, Happier, Happier

Life in general is hard, but the things that you can do to be happier, and happier, can be very easy.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to feel happy… If you want to be happy, then I suggest you do the first thing you can do every day to make your life a little bit happier: smile. It sounds a little corny but it’s true: every time you see a warm, cheery smile on your partner, a child, your pet or your child’s pet, you are making an affirmation… something about your existence is positive. And happiness is the first ingredient in the recipe for a great day. And in my experience, what matters the most to people are the places they live…and the people they are surrounded by. So if you are surrounded by happy people, then you’ll be happy, too. Happy people make us happier in turn. And happy people make us live longer, healthier and happier lives.

In my book Life’s Greatest Moments we learn the secret to becoming happier and how to become a happier person… and most importantly, be happier everyday!

To do so, simply go through a simple process, and here it is:

1. Start a new meditation daily. It’s easy to get caught up in routines—but we can change them if we want to.

2. Find 10 minutes of quiet time each morning. A long meditation just leads to an even longer walk through the woods.

3. Smile at someone you love each day, and tell them you love them.

4. Tell a lie to at least 3 of your closest friends every day.

5. Read a book that motivates you.

6. Ask God to help you in whatever you are struggling with.

7. Read a biography of someone you admire.

8: Read about the life of someone who has impacted your lives.

8. Write a letter to someone you love or a condolence note to a friend.

8. Write 2 – 3 pages of a personal essay each day.

9. Make a habit of saying “thank you” or “I love you” to 3 – 4 different people.

10. Do something you love for 2 – 3 days each week. For ex: Go outside, go for a walk, go play in the park.

11. Call someone, including a person you are hoping will reply. And say their name.

12. Go to a business you love or an organization/group, and support it for a week.

13. Write a letter to a relative, a former friend, or some other meaningful person.

14. Write something on your front porch.

15. Make a pledge or declaration of “spirituality or gratitude.”

16. Put a sign on your front porch that says something like “This Tree Was There Because of Me. And Thank You for Being There.”

17. Send cards or handwritten notes to someone on your list.

18. Take on a new hobby.

19. Create some sort of artistic work.

20. Listen to a book for 20 minutes.

19. Find some new places to hike or fly in your area.

21. Say some words of encouragement to someone.

23. Find something you were doing that needed to change.

24. Watch an inspirational video (or the news).

25. Go on vacation to your heart’s delight and have fun doing it.

26. Do something that you love that makes a difference to somebody else.

27. Make a list of things you want to do that will bring you some small degree of happiness.

28. Spend some time with your family.

29. Go outside to exercise or have a walk.

30. Send a message or letter to someone, including a loved one, when you receive one.

31. Ask God to be with you.

32. Share some of your experiences with somebody you can talk to.

32. Read some books.

33. Listen to music or a particular artist.