How To Be Happier

I’m not convinced happiness will make you happy, but I’m convinced having more fun can do it.

The human heart is like a wellspring of happiness that is ready to flow. However, not all kinds of pleasure make us happy.

If you’re searching for your place in the universe and you’re not exactly sure where you’re going, the best thing you can do is to relax for the moment and remember that the universe is happy only if it is joyful. If you’re not happy, you’ll find yourself struggling to find it again.

If you want to be a happy person, you must learn how to be joyful, and to understand that every time we smile, we give ourselves a tiny boost of happiness.

In this book, I’ll teach you how to be happier and help you discover the joy in living a simple, joyful life that makes you feel alive, vibrant and alive, too.

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How The Universe Is Happy.

The Universe Is Happy Because There Is Joy.

The Universe Is Happy Because It Has the Free Will To Be Happy.

The Universe Is Happy Because It’s Not Just A Blank Piece of Paper.

How To Be Happier: How to create a happier life in 5 easy steps.

What is this universe of ours made of? What kinds of things makes our universe happy today?

Why we have brains with a large amount of dopamine and how that makes us happy.

You’re happy and you know it because we’ll say so .

You think you have problems in this post. I’m not saying life is fair, I’m saying that life has problems so don’t take them personally!

Life is a big, colorful, beautiful, complicated, amazing game. And it’s always changing.

And the universe is happy and it loves you for it .

If you want to be happy, you have to learn how to be joyful: how to smile, how to be happy, how to laugh and laugh because you are so good at laughing that your friends will come back to you!

You’re smiling so many times in one day and you know it because it makes you look so good. The universe of ours just really likes you as a person.

You know you’re in pain when you don’t feel good. Your body has problems and it’s okay. Go ahead and do what it takes to overcome your problems: eat, sleep, exercise, go see people… but if you can’t, if you feel bad all the time, it’s okay.

It’s okay to feel bad or to go through a bad time.

You’re smiling now because you’ve finally understood that  your happiness is the key to your happiness, and that happiness equals joy.

You know your happiness is important because your friends are smiling and that makes you happy, which makes you feel better, which makes you smile more, which makes you smile more, your universe loves you and you are happy.

You know you’re happy because of your friends: if you feel bad you go into their hands and they smile and fix you up; if you feel good you go in their hands and they smile and fix you up. And your smile is going to be long…

Have you ever wondered how the universe works? You say it’s an orderly universe, but really it’s a chaos! All that matters to it is a happy ending. You can go on the planet Earth and you will not see anything that’s going to make you sad. No clouds, no people crying, no tears.

No, my dear universe: no tears.

You know your happy endings. You know where they are.

You say that you have to think about them for a while. It’s true! In fact, thinking about them for a while is really important. It gives you a chance to discover them.