How To Be Happy — And Do What You Love

What makes us happy and how to live the good life.

It’s important that we find pleasure in our work to feel that we do something that matters. But the more important things we do, the happier we’re likely to be. To thrive, we have to find the joy in small things. We also have to keep focused on achieving our goals, even long after the excitement and excitement wears off. And we have to make sure we take care of ourselves. There’s nothing that really matters that’s too hard or too complicated. So do everything you can to make sure, every minute, at the least, that you feel refreshed and ready to do the rest of the world a service.

In his book,  Happiness is Not An Effort  (see, Evan Mitchum says that “Life is just a series of actions, and not enough of one makes you miserable.” We need to be intentional with our actions and we need to be more intentional with the things we choose to focus on.

Here are some things that are critical in making sure we are not just taking shortcuts:

– Make Time Every Day  For  Meeting With Your Child’s Teacher. For most of us, this is a huge priority. You want to make sure that your child’s teacher is not taking more time away from you. They can make you feel guilty, frustrated and resentful. It becomes too much. I often recommend taking time to meet your children’s teachers every day. 

– Make Time For  Making  Time For  Your Family.   Don’t expect your kids to have every minute that they want. The best thing you can do for them is create as much freedom as you can, as close to their developmental level as possible. The harder that you can make it, the better.

– Allow Yourself to Take Some Relaxation Time. I know my daughter likes to think about other people. She wants to feel good all the time even when it’s her favorite time of the day (when she’s asleep). This is the time when she’s most likely to start complaining and complaining about something, because she’s not getting the opportunity to be relaxed.  I like to give her a few minutes of sleep in the family room with candles, a good book, a soft blanket, and music.   So take some time to give yourself some space and not worry about a long list of things that need to be done.

– Do Everything You Can Doing That Matters. We often feel guilty about spending more time on  things that do not matter than spending time on  things that do matter. There are so many things that we could focus on that do matter. The things that matter are the ones that we need. We need to be working on what really matters; not on the rest.

– Know When  it’s Time  For  Sleeping  So You Can  Do What Matters.  Sometimes we need to take time away from sleep to feel more refreshed. You could do things outside of bed that focus on your mind and body. There are many healthy things you can do outside of your bedroom or other relaxing activities. There are more than one thing that do matter all the time. The thing is, the things that do matter, they are the most important things that we can focus on as well as the least important.  So in order to actually do our tasks of living the good life, we need to get as much work done as we possibly can. Sometimes when you are most rested and ready to face the world, the worst will feel the easiest.