How To Be Happy In Retirement, With Or Without A Car

How can you be happy in retirement, with or without a car? I’d like you to look at the big picture.  Do you want to focus on the present moment or on how to find enjoyment in the future? I suggest an old fashioned approach that is both rewarding and life enhancing.

You are not a time traveler; you are a traveler who remains a time traveler. And, no matter how happy you are today, you can never live inside the old way of life; you do better when you discover new, exciting ways to live your life.  Living for other people is great in the early stages when we are surrounded by our loved ones and can take on the duties of our role, but it isn’t sustainable.  By the time we are 50, our own sense of self is so far removed from what it once was, we no longer need and enjoy the company of others.

When people are successful, they find joy in their own success; when they are unsuccessful, they enjoy their problems.  It is a true paradox that happiness comes when you lose those things you use most, and not when you get what you never had before.  It’s sad to say, but your life, and the life of others, will never be the same again.  And if you’re willing to face your fears, embrace your uncertainties and live your life more in the moment, you will make the best of it.

When you are happy, there is nothing to fear, there is no more time to be lonely, no more need to find something meaningful to do before you turn in for the night. You may look at your car and feel embarrassed, as if it somehow doesn’t fit your life anymore.

But look again: This vehicle is a sign of wealth, a sign of success and freedom. If money can’t make you happy, what’s the harm in buying a used car that isn’t perfect? Sure, there are lots of things to improve on.   But if you’re willing to spend a little time, a few dollars is a small price to pay to live your life with joy and ease.  When you look at a vehicle as a sign of wealth and independence, you are reminded that nothing at all really matters if you’re happy.  You deserve happiness for the things you have: your memories, your friendships, your family.  And you deserve your time for whatever is in it.  And when you find happiness in the things you do have, you will have no more regrets about buying a car when it is a good deal to fix, a few thousand a year to maintain, a big investment when it is not.  You’ll have nothing to worry about.  You’ll own the vehicle, instead of buying it.  Your car will be a sign that you are successful and wealthy now, even if you don’t need it to be.  When you’re no longer afraid of the unknown, you will see your life as a joy.  You will be happy with this vehicle and use it to drive from one thing to the next, enjoying the things you care for.  Then, when you die, you will be happy for your car.  Your car means you did what you wanted to do for the rest of your life, and that life was the greatest.  In today’s world, we are too fearful of failure to want to make the best of ourselves.  And, yet, it is the greatest thing we can do if we want to succeed.  I always wanted to be a writer and now I am one of the best writers in Australia.  And I had the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to have an extraordinary life of a truly happy person.  Nothing at all will compare to that, but you might find your happiness in other ways.