How To Be Happy In Your Innermost Thoughts

Life isn’t always rosy for us. The things we experience, hear, and read are all often negative. The world can be so dark and hopeless that it can seem impossible to find joy. What we need, then, is clarity and peace.

In order to truly be happy in our minds, we must be able to see that it is our own negativity, the darkness that is causing pain, that is to blame. For if we realize that the things that are wrong with our lives are the things that we give up on, then the pain will vanish and all we need to do is to choose to let life begin anew.

This is the reason that we are here. The reason that we can experience the blessings of human experience, and how we can experience our own darkness. This is why we need to do the work to be truly happy again.

Life isn’t for everybody…

When our hearts are filled with hatred, resentment, or hatred of the things we can’t change, the world will not be much to come back to. In a time of war, people are fighting their own internal conflicts. When war is at the front and life is at the back, we can’t even start at the beginning to choose a new beginning.

We need to step back, and let time take its course.

It is important that we don’t give any of life away. It is much better to lose one’s entire life than to lose one’s only son…

As far as I know, we are all alone here. None of us here will ever truly understand each other’s experiences. I’m sure there is no way for us to truly understand each other in any way. But we can learn a lot from each other.

Life isn’t for us to simply be enjoyed or enjoyed to its fullest. It is for us to experience. This is what we are here to do: live each second as if it were your last.

Letting Life Begin Again

Let us take a step back and think about why we’re here. For whatever reason, we are here. Maybe it’s a blessing brought upon us by that one time, and that one time was just so special. Maybe it’s because we were born into the right family and had the best parents and grandparents. Perhaps it was a time of war, and we grew up to be soldiers. Whatever the reason, we don’t know. We simply exist now in this life, and we are here because of it.

However, we don’t need to give any of our experiences away.

Even during the worst things in life, it’s good to understand that what we experience doesn’t truly matter. We need not regret any experience, and we have no right to hold on to it. We are here because of it.

Our life is not a trophy to be preserved, not something to build ourselves up on but rather it is to be enjoyed in all of it.

Let us enjoy each moment as if it were our last.

Let us learn to let our thoughts be, and not let them come to dominate our life. There is no reason to hold on, no reason to let our thoughts control us.

Learn to live life without judgement. It’s the only way to truly be happy again.

Let a positive spark ignite into your life now. Remember that it’s time to start anew. Life can begin again. It may be difficult, but it will begin again.

There’s no way to know when it will begin. It might be in the future, it might be in the past, or it might be at any time right now. And that’s OK… We shouldn’t fear the unknown. It’s not a matter of if, but when!

Life is never what you think it is…