How To Be Healthy At Any Age

You’ve heard it a thousand times: You’re not going to look or feel your best until you are 30. Well, that is, unless you start now. Start with a new approach to eating.

I was in a small town in New York state, trying out some new workout equipment for the first time in my life; I could feel a surge of strength, as well as feel, I guess, better than I had for years. I went home to grab a pizza, and when I was eating, in the middle of the meal, my wife asked me about this surge of energy. She didn’t need to remind me. I had never really understood this thing called “energy” before. She told me that she had noticed something very similar about her.

When I told her how she felt, she told me just the same thing: We’ve all got to start this now. That’s the only solution. You have to start now. It really does help to know this stuff from the ground up. You can be so much stronger because you have this knowledge. But, it’s not that easy. You’ve got to be patient. It takes time.

Start by doing what we call strength training. There are a lot of different exercises for getting strength. We call them movements. The first exercise comes from a doctor, but it’s just your body moving. I know it doesn’t look like much, but it does work.

Here’s what you do: Take two dumbbells or a barbell, or some other object, and make yourself into a bear. The best workout routine we have in the West, I’ve found, is just for you. You will get a great deal of strength and endurance as you put yourself through this.

How much is a bear? A lot! This is where the magic starts. Do the movements. Do them well. Do them slow. Do the movements a thousand times. You shouldn’t be able to stand up to the bears, but you will. The bear won’t hurt you. Just don’t use your muscles trying to lift the thing. Just do it. You don’t have to keep going. You can stop when you’re ready. This is your goal. Every time you do the movement, remember just how good you are.

One morning, when I had been with my family for about a month, my wife said she was going to take a walk. I took her along, and we walked in the woods. I told her that we had got to do a strength exercise. I started off slowly, to make sure that she was in good spirits. She nodded her agreement. I then set up to help us. I was a bear, a big, tough monster. He made a great challenge for her to train with. You might feel like a little girl learning to play with a Barbie doll, because most people simply aren’t built to be strong. There are times when you might feel like that, and you can just stop. You can’t beat yourself up.

As we continued, we did strength exercises in the woods. First, we used our hands. We were supposed to touch something. I began by picking something very large, such as a log or tree, and placing it on the ground, then slowly dropping it. It was very difficult. After a few minutes, it began to seem easier. She continued, and that went on for a while. Then she began to use the movement to help her climb. I didn’t help her climb, but I was watching, and helped as best that I could. She kept at it for a total of five minutes. She finished the exercise.

Afterwards, I went back to the basement and I continued to watch her. She did the movement again. It became easier now. We did it again, slowly at first, but in a way that involved as little movement as possible. It looked like this. She didn’t need much help, so I decided that I’d let her have it. We did the movements more quickly, as if to show that our bodies had moved. We got this. I felt that she was ready to have fun with this exercise. It was a game to us. We were going to do it, and it turned out better than anyone could have expected.

I continued the exercise.